Can't connect to some websites

Hi Guys! I am a new to Zorin and Linux. Just a quick question, from yesterday I have noticed that I cannot connect to some websites, ex. nordvpn. I get this error:

This site can’t be reached refused to connect.



I use Brave and also Firefox, it happens on both. I use Zorin OS 16 PRO.

Any hints what this can be caused by? Thanks in advance.

Your problem looks similar to this: Can't connect to Tor or even visit any VPN websites

Some of the hints there may help you, although the OP of that thread posted that their problem was caused by tinkering by a familiy member.

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I heavily doubt that it is caused by the OS itself. I think you might have installed an app that is restricting your access to that website. An easy way to troubleshoot this problem is to, boot the Zorin live USB and see if the issue also exists on there.


Thanks! I looked at this before, but it does not work for me. Not the same issue, I guess.

Thanks! I decided to install NordVPN, and by using vpn problem is solved for now.


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