Can't copy and paste to other internal drives

Hi All,

Been a happy daily user of zorin for about 2 months now. However just today i'm unable to copy and paste to other internal drives, I'm able drag and drop those same files no problem.

But yeah can't seem to figure out whats happened.
Drives have been formatted to ext4

Any ideas. Thank you

What is the exact error? Does it shows error message or there is just disable copypaste? in what particular part or directory?

No errors, just if i select copy on a file from desktop when i go to paste it anywhere else it be greyed out. Also can't paste anything of desktop

Sorry i've just figured it's only desktop directory having this issue.

Edit: Paste works if i select desktop in the sidebar of the explorer. But no directly to desktop if you know what i mean. Weird!

Try changing the drives ownership and read /write permissions to your user account.

Mmm it's only actual desktop were i'm having issue. It's fine if navigate to desktop in explorers sidebar.

I'm a noob so changing owner :ship: permissions is where i'm lost lol

In terminal write

sudo -H nautilus

go to the drive you cant copy/paste anything on it (mount)

right click on a empty space -> settings -> rights

select owner and chose your username
select group and chose your username


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