Can't Install Gnome 40/41 In My Zorin Os!

Can Anyone Teach Me How Can I install Gnome 40/41.

That ppa command can't work :pleading_face:

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@Dixit, could you be more specific about what you tried? Maybe we can help.


Today I Read An Article About Gnome 40 Desktop Environment .

I can also Install another Desktop
But Gnome 40 can't be install.

I also searched in web but it doesn't work.

Hmmm. Which article? Can you share the link?

I didn't found Article but I have one web page about installation.

How to Install GNOME 40 Desktop on Ubuntu 20.04 - LinuxCapable.

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@Elegant_Emperor is it worked in your os ??

I looked at the article...I have read it before when I wanted to try gnome 40 myself. Unfortunately it did not work for me at that time and I ended up reinstalling Zorin OS. Well, I was trying to install gnome 40 right now using some other method but sadly it did not work either and now I am removing the packages. :frowning:

I also want to remove

What command ur using?

So there is no way to install gnome 40 in zorin Os!

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Unfortunately there isn't a way to install GNOME 40 in Zorin, as Zorin OS is a distribution made on Ubuntu as a base. It is not fully Ubuntu, hence the commands and PPA repositories which you are trying to add is for Ubuntu only. As an alternative, you can go for Ubuntu 21.10 with GNOME 40, Fedora 34 with GNOME 40 and Fedora 35 with GNOME 41. Or you can have Solus GNOME , Manjaro GNOME, openSUSE GNOME, all with GNOME 40. If you love Zorin OS, then you can only use GNOME 3.38 until there is any other major update, like Zorin 17.

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So when zorinOS 17 / ZorinOS 17 Beta will available ?

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When Ubuntu's next LTS version will be released, at that time the Zorin team will start developing Zorin OS 17. I can guarantee you that it would have GNOME 40 or 41.


So is there any way to install other Linux distributors without Losing :chart_with_downwards_trend: Data

Cuz I have only 1 Partition :sweat_smile: With 300GB free

have ony one Partition sda1

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Yes, you can install any of the above.

Ok,But I have only One partition :sweat_smile:

What should I do??

And all the data are in

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As I mentioned...I had to reinstall zorin os because I think I broke something, so i did not use any command to remove packages. And a few minutes ago I followed another tutorial to try gnome 40, but it did not work so I had to remove a completely different set of packages than the ones you have installed.

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Do you have GParted?

That's why I prefer creating a different partition for the /home directory. And I also keep 2 extra partitions to store other personal files. So when I install a new OS or reinstall an existing one I usually don't have to backup my data...I mean, I do backup (just in case) but I don't have to put them back into my computer because they always remain intact.

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Yaa I have but os can't do with its own
partition while it's running