Can't install Nvidia drivers

After i have installed Zorin OS on my laptop, I tried to install Nvidia drivers for it through "Software and Updates" then i got this error

The Nvidia X server was installed but when i opened it it was blank, I tried to reboot my laptop but it doesn't boot to desktop anymore.

For now I've reinstalled Zorin and didn't change anything, Is there anyway to fix this problem?

The laptop has the Nvidia Geforce GT 720M and the Intel HD Graphics 4400, Could the fact it has hybrid graphics be the cause of this problem? Secure boot is disabled and i'm booting from Legacy/BIOS

Also Zorin shows that the Nvidia Driver 340 can be installed, However (according to Nvidia) the card's latest available driver is 390

Update : I found a guide here on how to install the drivers manually, I downloaded the drivers from Nvidia's site and followed the guide, now the drivers has been installed properly and the Nvidia X Server app is working, The only problem now is there's some screen tearing, I still haven't found a fix for it yet

Here's the guide in question btw : [HOW TO] Install the latest Nvidia driver on Zorin OS 16 & Pop! OS 21.04


The nomodeset may help you with tearing, though there are other tips listed here that may be helpful:

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Editing the Modset removed the screen tearing, Thank you

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