Can't install Zorin OS 16.2 Core in my Friend's Laptop

Good day.

Me and my friend tried to dual boot Zorin OS alongside windows 10. We have followed the instructions for installing Zorin OS but after installing it which is after I remove the bootable drive and press ENTER it shows a loop of error message.

My Friend's laptop is Acer Aspire 3 with Nvidia GeForce graphics card and an Intel Core i5 10th gen with a 480 GB SSD. We disabled the SECURE BOOT already but still after of repeating process of installing Zorin OS it either loops an error message or boot the windows 10 without a trace of Zorin OS installed.

Kindly help me guys because I feel like I'm missing something here. Thank you.

Which edition of ZorinOS are you attempting to install e.g. Pro, Core, Lite etc ?

Did you attempt "Try Zorin" first from the live USB and did that run OK?

Are you able to take a photo of the looping error message and post it here. We may be able to make a judgement after seeing the error.

Also see useful pre-installation advice here: Before you install

Did you disable Fast Boot from Windows?
Did you set grub as a trusted EFI file from the bios?

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We are installing the core version. I'll read that topic you've mention.

We only disabled the Secure boot.

Upon reading the mentioned article, I need to disable fast boot too and not only the secure boot. I'll give it a try next time. Hope this work.


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