Can't print HP Deskjet 4646 USB on Zorin 16 Core


My printer is installed from USB, but can't print. Someone times, after shutdown the computer, the print is made.

I tryed HPLIP and Sane.

When I use "hp-setup" from terminal, the message is showed:

error: Device busy: hpfax:/usb/Deskjet_4640_series?serial=CN54P6B0Y005Z4
error: Unable to communicate with the device. Please check the device and try again.

Via WiFi, I can install and the print works fine.

Marcelo Costa
Porto Alegre - Brazil

Can you please run hp-check -i in terminal and post the output here using pastebin?

Hello Aravisian,

The pastebin output:


I think we saw this problem in the forum before.
The final conclusion was to use WiFi because no one came up with the solution.

What does

sudo apt install cups


CUPS was already installed and running.

Yes, WiFi can be a solution, but on others scenarios, the WiFi connection cannot be available.


warning: HPLIP-Installation: Auto installation is not supported for unknown distro 16 version

It appears that the installer is looking for Ubuntu and not Zorin. Due to this, it failed to install necessary dependencies.
Can you please try

sudo apt remove --purge hplip

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kelebek333/hplip

sudo apt install hplip hplip-plugin

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