Can't reawaken laptop after suspend-standby

Hello, my wife is in the process of switching from Windows to Zorin now. We've noticed with her laptop that when it's been idle for a while and goes into standby (or suspend, not sure what it's called in Zorin), the computer can't be reawakened. We have to hold the power button for several seconds to do a hard reboot.

Any solutions to this? Or anyway to disable suspend/standby if there's no work around for the bug?

Zorin 17.1 Pro
Dell Latitude 5490

Thanks in advance!

Gday @ditchingwin
Yes you can stop the suspend action via Setting>Power.

Hope this helps

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Hello, that's the first thing we tried. The option is already set but it still seems to be freezing/crashing/whatever when left idle for a few hours. Maybe we should never let the screen go blank as well?

First check for BIOS firmware/driver update, look for the update for linux as some manufacturers have alternative firmware/drivers but not all manufactures .
You can also check in "Software & Updates" under the "Additional Drivers" TAB, for a more suited driver for graphic's.
eg: Nvidia drivers.

IF you still have issue can you tell us about the machine the issue is with.

Are you wishing to dual boot or just have Zorin OS on this machine?

Also what is the machine mainly used for,,, browsing, voice chat, gaming, etc. "why i ask is, if you have a lot of thing open, you may need to make your "Swap" file larger".

According to the spec, it has Intel graphics.

Good day, I've also looked up similar ways to keep it up and running and found a solution. Source

You will need to install extension manager via Software. (Any of the two are fine)

Once installed, open it and go to browse tab, and look for 'espresso' and install it

Afterwards, you can go to the installed tab and edit the settings for espresso

Once you're done customizing, you might notice a coffee mug icon on the bar. Click on it to activate it, and it will keep your PC screen awake until you toggle it off.

Thank you everyone for your replies.

We disabled suspend, disabled the screen turning off, and installed espresso. It's been five days or so now since doing those things and everything seems to be working ok now. I would have hopped on here sooner but I couldn't sign into the forum, it kept telling me it was in "read-only mode."

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