Change file icon of specific filetype

Can I change the icon for a specific file type?

I use blender a lot, but now the .blend files and images files have the same icon.
It would be way more readable if they .blend files would have another icon.

I found several tutorials using the Assogiate app, but the app seems to be deprecated as I can't find it in the software store and using apt.

Without knowing what icon set you are using, yuor screenshot appears to show a mimetype icon, such as image-x-generic.


The .blend files have mimetype: application/x-blender

In your screenshot, the icon is identical to the .png file shown. It may be that the application-x-blender icon symlinks to the same base file as image-x-generic...

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Changed Customization to General.

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And would there be a way to change the icon?

I wonder if it is a Gnome/Nautilus issue? Out of curiosity, I installed Blender on Devuan 4.0.0 in KDE (Plasma) and get the correct icon - see if installing Plasma gives a different outcome?

You can change any icon by altering the file in its location, really (/usr/share/icons/ICON-SET-NAME or ~/.icons/ICON-SET-NAME ).
For many applications, you can also specify which icon to reference in thta applications desktop file (/usr/share/applications)

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Thanks Aravisian, I was able to fix do it!

This is a full guide of how I did it:

  1. I downloaded an .svg icon
  2. Change the icon's name to the mimetype of the file (right click > properties > type), in my case 'application-x-blender.svg'
  3. Move the icon to the correct folder:
    $ sudo mv '/home/hanne/Downloads/blender file icons/application-x-blender.svg' '/usr/share/icons/Zorin/scalable/mimetypes/'
    If the folder does not yet exist, you may create it.
  4. Update icon caches:
    $ sudo update-icon-caches /usr/share/icons/Zorin/

If you don't use the default theme, replace the 'Zorin' in the command with the folder of your theme.

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