Changes touchpad shortcuts

Hello guys, how can I change the predefined touchpad shortcuts?
I would to change the workspaces with horizontal motion and see the overview of apss with a slide up, seems more natural to me.
With gnome-tweaks I manage to make the workspaces switch with horizontal motion, however the right bar with a "list" of all workspaces where I can just slide apps in disappeared, so i'ts not a good solution.

I tried to use Touché but it I cant bind new shortcuts for the slide up for example because is being used by gnome.

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

If you are going to use Touche, it is better not to use gmone-tweaks. They can colloid each other.
Since I am avoiding using gnome-extension (since Gnome developers are constantly breaking it), I use Touche exclusively.

Thanks :slight_smile: , but can I override the default shortcuts with touché?

And if you are former mac user like myself, I wrote a tutorial how to add three finger drag to your touchpad.

Thanks again FrenchPress. I installed and my issue persisted, maybe I didn't explain myself well. I actually don't need drag, touché already recognizes the 3 and 4 swipe movements and that's enough for me and works very well. Want I need now it's do disabled the predefined touch/mouse shortcuts. For example the swipe up and down with 4 fingers.

Screenshot from 2021-08-26 17-43-20

gesture swipe up  4 xdotool key super+Page_Down 

Is this the solution?

You are absolutely right.
I just checked my Touche settings and they are greyed out as well :frowning:

I've never used this motion so I did not notice this till you pointed out.

Before I switched to Zorin I used to use this:

But I have no idea how it might interact with Touche.