Chat of piracy, hardware and Linux distros

My parents learning me a hard working gived me fruits.
That why important a wisdom, listening another people. Don't be a rude and egoist. Share with good things this building trustly. If in company all people shoot to the same a goal. Then you don't need afraid about stealing,security and a cameras?

I would like to invite all forum members to visit this excellent posting written by @Aravisian and endorse it with :heart: to show our support.

More hearts will make this statement more powerful.


Well, I would have provided a reply to it as well, but the post was closed to replies. But truth is, anything I would have said, has already been said and viewed by Aravisian in the thread about piracy.

Having said that however, I have to include, I felt that Aravisian was being very nice the way that he worded it. I particularly liked the part where he said that we here cannot provide support for an unofficial piece of software.

Thats what I mean by him saying it nicely. Cause if it were me, my message wouldn't be so nice, as I'd be addressing the pirates with a firm attitude opening a can of whoop beep.

There are already two open threads discussing piracy.

The above Thread of Notice is a Notification of Forum members Stance on the topic and is closed because it is not up for debate.

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Thanks for making me notice the other piracy related thread.
I made myself an exception and cross-posted the same message to that thread as well.

The reason there are two threads and oodles of posts per thread, is because this is a serious issue. Many of us here have a strong stance on it. It's honestly a good thing we discuss it, as long as we don't let the posts go out of hand is all.

Unlike Reddit where flame posts are common, we don't allow that sort of thing here, and that's a good thing. Keeps the forum from becoming a sesspool lol. But intellectual conversations are always welcome here, I try to provide a few myself.


For me when I put this topic on forum about piracy tried help ZorinGroup in some way if they could closed that sides.
Next a couple times reading this post on piracy I am more sad and stop interesting this subject. Why? Because I bought and I don't have a "blood on hands". Better tried help users Zorin to solve problems.

I saw Zorin group managed to request a take down of illegal copy to some sites. But there is nothing they can do for other die-hard piracy sites.

I see your point, but at the same time it is crucial to display a firm statement as a community.

Otherwise, some member can insist to help those with "blood on hands" out of misguided generosity and accuse anyone who takes a strong stance. It may sound unreal, but it did happen here in this forum.

Just like any law abiding society, we need a firm rule established to Keep the forum from becoming a cesspool (TM) @StarTreker