ClamAV signature database bug

My attempts to install ClamAV together with the necessary AV signature database using Zoris 15.3 32 bit Lite were frustrated. ClamAV antivirus assumes that there is write permission for a file to be created in one of the root directories. I have just found out how to jailbreak this area, but instead I have installed Comodo which seems to be a more friendly antivirus package. Anyone else hit this?

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I am using Zorin 15.3 lite 32 bit on a Lenovo ideapad S10e. The issue is ClamAV’s directory of antivirus signatures. It tries to create this file in a root location which is normally locked. I have not created such a root account yet, as Zorin by default does not set one up. After some failed attempts I gave up and installed Comodo instead which seems to work well without such hiccups.

Same experience here. Seems
Clamtk attempts to create a file in the Root area but cannot do that when there is no write permission. I think zorin locks those directories.

I have moved your two latest posts from Unable to run clamtk on OS15.3 to this thread. Please do not cross-post - it is a violation.
I had already responded earlier, if that link in the response does not help fix your problem, please let us know so that we can continue to troubleshoot.