Clean reinstall of Chrome


I'm having trouble with Chrome and I want to uninstall it and reinstall it. I'm just wondering if uninstalling it via the software application is adequate or if I need to clean anything up via the terminal.

I initially installed Chrome via the software store and it didn't work properly - I was having issues in Quickbooks, which is critical for me, and other SaaS too. I had issues with other applications that I installed via the software store but installing them directly by downloading the deb file and double clicking on it fixed them. Doing the same didn't fix Chrome though.

After reinstalling, Chrome got faster but Quickbooks is still not working properly and it's supposed to be compatible with Chrome on Linux. I'm a bookkeeper and spend most of my time in Quickbooks!

Might cleaning something up before I try installing it again help? Or is there something else? I've used the terminal a bit but I'm not confident with it.

PS - I need to use Chrome because one of my critical apps is in beta and stable on Chrome only.

Thanks so much for any help

When you installed from Software Store, what Source did you install from?
If unsure, there is a button marked Source that appears on top right of headerbar for that page.

Flatpak only,

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Yes, thanks Ocka. That's the one I installed.

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If Flatpkak - it is sandboxed and will not be able to communicate with other essential files on the system.

I recommend using the .deb package instead.
Users can retireve the .deb package with wget using terminal


Which, of course is just the wget command followed by the link to the download page.

You can immediately run the dpkg command in terminal to install it

sudo dpkg -i google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb

or double click the freshly downloaded .deb package in your home directory to run the installer.

You can remove the flatpak version with the flatpak uninstall command in terminal.
You can use flatpak list to verify the chrome package name as flatpak recognizes it.


yes it is also ok to uninstall from the " Software App " & reinstall.

Thanks Aravisian. I have already uninstalled it via the software app. Is that adequate? It's not showing when I ran flatpak list.

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Oops I just saw your answer Ocka. Thanks

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It is. Now, testing the standardized debian package should verify whether that works for your add ons.

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I followed your instructions to download and install it via the terminal - and that was easy, thanks.

However, I when I opened it, all the tabs I last had open were re-opened and I'm still logged in! Could I have inherited the original issue again? It was working in an incognito tab before uninstalling.

Sadly, the issue in Quickbooks still is still there (and I was still logged in there too despite). I cleared cache/cookies/browsing history and restarted Chrome before uninstalling it.

Well, you are halfway there by replacing Flatpak.:wink:

Can you please detail the issue?

Isn't it odd that I was still logged into my google account and quickbooks after uninstalling and reinstalling?

With Google? Odd... no.
Detestable? Yes.

The issue might not make sense if you're not a QBO user. I can't see my chart of accounts using a normal browsing tab. It's asking me to import a new one. It's still there though because reports can access it.

If I log in via an incognito window or on Firefox, I can see my chart of accounts.

Hmm. Unsettling!

With Google? Odd... no.
Detestable? Yes.

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You can make "hidden" files visible inyour Home Directory with the keyboard shortcut ctrl+h.
Can you check the contents of ~/.config/google-chrome
and see if that directory is populated?

You might try clearing it

rm ~/.config/google-chrome

Reboot or log out and in and test...

There's a lot of folders in there and some files aren't from today. I closed chrome and ran that command but I got this error

rm: cannot remove '/home/sunlight/.config/google-chrome': Is a directory

Or was I supposed to reboot first?

ok uhhh

mv ~/.config/google-chrome ~/.config/google-chrome-bk