Clicking at the top right corner pixel of the screen doesn't close the window

Dear all,

First of all : What a beautiful distribution.
Oh god, thanks for this.

Then, I'm a bit surprised of one thing :
Usually, I close a window by clicking at the top right corner pixel of the screen.

However, on ZorinOS Core 16 (Gnome), it does not work, as there is a little space / margin between the close button and the border of the screen.

Is there a way to make this little space / margin clickable in order to close the window ?

Thanks very much for your kind help

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Yes, we probably can adjust a custom gtk.css in your ~/.config/gtk-3.0/ directory to allow the close button to extend all the way to the edge. I would need to look at this while logged into Gnome desktop to be sure.
Please post a screenshot of the positions you are hoping to use to help.

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It would be incredibly helpful if the OP were to take a screenshot, so all of us can more easier, understand what the OP is talking about.

Yes, Aravisian is our resident theming expert on here. But, still, whenever bringing up this type of support request, screenshots are more certain recommended, and appreciated.


On a side note, alt + f4 will close any focused application.

Are you using a custom theme? I ask because the default theme offer an x in the top right corner that would normally close the window. This may be adjustable in zorin appearance using the other tab.

Welcome to the forum chrlyc.

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Good morning,

The issue with taking a screenshot was that the screenshot does not include the pointer, so I shot photos with my phone :slight_smile:

Here is what happens if I place the pointer at the top right corner of the screen, the close button [X] is not activated so clicking does not close the window :


And even if I place the pointer a little down and left, the close button [X] is still not activated :


To activate it and close the window, I have to go further down / on the left :


Thanks for your alt + F4 suggestion @337harvey.
I'm not using a custom theme, I'm using the default Zorin theme (which is beautiful) :

It's not a big issue of course, but it's a bit frustrating.
Out of curiosity I also tried it on the XFCE version and it's the same behavior.

I'm gonna dig into the CSS suggestion.

Thanks for your kind help

I use the keyboard constantly, barely touching my mouse., so keyboard shortcuts provide a huge boost to my productivity. Sharing these shortcuts have also helped others, since most of the time your left hand is sitting idly by on the keyboard, why not include it while you are getting ready to grab the focus of another application. Those seconds of fishing for the right spot add up.

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That's the top right corner of my browser when in full screen and my mouse pointer all the way to the top right. (Guess you'll just have to trust me on that last part.) It engages the close button without really being near it. Never noticed that before.

Here's my tweaks window. Only change I've really made is to the icons because I don't like the icons that look like they were hand drawn in ms paint.

However, here's where the rabbit hole starts... I blow up my tweaks window to full screen, go to the top right corner, and.... no selected X.

In fact, in a random selection of software on my system, which is actually pretty sparse, it seems like about 50% highlight the X, and the rest don't. I can't find any rhyme or reason between the two.

It seems like most of the software that doesn't highlight the X was installed with the system, and the software that does was installed by me. But there are exceptions there as well.

So, the short answer is, I don't know. Have you tried switching through different applications to see if some highlight the X and others don't? Or is it just no altogether?

Thanks for your message @GreekWatchmaker.
What is the browser that you're using on that screenshot ?
How did you install it ?

For now, all the applications are concerned by this behavior.

I'm investigating right now the custom CSS thing, I'll let you know later.

OK, I have tried a few custom RSS solutions.
Most of them reduce the size of the title bar, which I don't really like (but it's very much of an aesthetic opinion).
Most of them does not work with all the applications.

But luckily, I've found this one :

Create this file : ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css

With this content :

headerbar {
  margin: 0px;
  padding: 0px;

headerbar button.titlebutton.close {
  min-height: 48px;
  min-width: 48px;
  margin: 0px;
  padding: 0px;
  border-radius: 0px;


Now, the placing the pointer at the top right corner looks like this :


This square doesn't look as good as the original nice round, but it works for all the applications that I use.

Credit for this solution goes to this page.

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Wow... I literally just wrote a custom .css script and was posting it when I saw your reply already solved it. Well done.
You may be able to make do with just:

headerbar button.titlebutton.close {
    margin-right: -4px;
    border-radius: 4px;

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where did you find the solution that reduces the size of tilebar?

your solution works but in firefox it adds a little margin on the top which makes tabs unclickable when my mouse is all the way at the top of the screen

Click on the this page in his solution post.

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