Code::Block IDE issue

I need a bit of help with Zorin 16 Core and Code::Blocks IDE in a VMware virtual machine.

I've started working on an application, and it asks for a header file, named X11/Xmu/WinUtil.h. It is located in the /usr/include/X11/Xmu/ folder from installing the libxmu-dev package, but it seems Code::Blocks can't see the /usr/include/X11 folder when I trying to add the folder into the list of includes in the project.
But it does see some of the other folders in the /usr/include folder, just not this one.

I was going to ask Code::Blocks for help, but they are doing a migration and their forum is currently in read only and doesn't have an answer.

So I'm wondering what is the difference and steps needed to get Code::Blocks to see the X11 folder. What do I need and do in order for this to work? Whats missing?

Hi an d welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
Your Zorin is installed as a VM on Windows environment?

I do not how it would be same or different from a bare-metal Zorin installation.
I use Zorin as a host and install Windows as a guest in VMWare.

I did not see any /usr/include/X11/Xmu/ in the system directory in Zorin.

I looked on mine to be sure and was surprised:

How come I do not have it?
I run 16 Pro.

There's a reason I was surprised. I do not run any virtual environment. Or Wine. I do not have any Windows installed at all.

I do not know what that file does.

I just took a look on my Zorin OS 16 Core build and it also has the path and file.

I do not use Wine but use VMware.
Very puzzling...

What do you think this Xmu folder is for?

I wouldn't assume that the file is MS Windows related just because of "win" - since any Window is "Win".

No, the Host is Windows and Zorin is in the VM.

I also mentioned that the header was installed via a package.

I had the same thoughts, that Win is referring to Windows as a panel, not the OS.

Looking over the files in the directory, they look like Support Libraries for X-window management in general.

Since I do not have any 16 Core installed, I checked 16 Pro Lite.
There is almost nothing in the X11 directory:

Strange. I am on Zorin OS 16 Lite.

But my Zorin 16 Pro is running normally without those support files.

If Lite doesn't originally have it, then it must of been installed with another piece of software

I think those files are more for software developers, but I'm not sure.

You might find a better support in Windows forums.
I think most of us use Zorin as a host and Windows as a guest.
It seems we do not have much in common with your setup :frowning:

But I'm running the IDE in Zorin OS, not Windows

Or VMWare support forum may be more helpful, too.
Not passing the buck... Just deferring to greater knowledge and better chances.:wink:

I am confused.
Your host machine is Windows, then you run Zorin guest on it, then run IDE on this virtual Zorin?

Yes, A windows Host running a Zorin VM, which is running Code::Blocks.

As I can't setup a dual boot with Win10, as Win10 deletes the grub in like every update, but still need a Linux machine for developing Linux software.

I don't think this is a VM issue.