Confirmed working PC Hardware (old and new)

I wanted to post something in hardware for those who have a moment to post their hardware and what is on current Zorin OS 16 Pro and or Core and works. Helps other with newer and older machines. Post any helpful tips if you had a video card issue or wifi issue and what you did to fix.

I am running on a Gen 10 Intel NUC with 6 cores hyperthreaded to 12 and 64GB or ram along side a 1TB Samsung 970 Evo NVMe. Works like a champ!


Main desktop
CPU: Intel Core i7-4930k (3.4GHz)
GPU: NVidiaGTX 1050Ti (4GB)
Ram: 64GB (1866 MHz)
All SSD system

Sub desktop
CPU: AMD FX 8350(Pile Driver) 8 Core Black edition 4.0 GHz <- doubles as a heater in Winter time :crazy_face:
GPU: NVidia 750Ti Oc (2GB)
RAM: 16GB (1600 MHz)
All SSD system

CPU: Intel Core i5-3320M (2.60 MHz)
RAM: 16 GB (1333MHz)
All SSD system

Zorin Pro works like a charm on all of them :smile_cat:



Dell XPS 13-9343 Early 2015
Zorin OS 16 Pro
Intel Core i7-5500U
Intel HD 5500
Lite-On 256GB m.2 2280 SATAIII SSD

Lenovo ThinkPad x61-7673
Zorin OS 16 Core
Intel Core 2 Duo T8100M
Intel 965 Graphics (GMA X3100)
160GB 2.5" 5400rpm HDD



Zorin 16 Lite
Fujitsu Lifebok E751
CPU: Intel i5-2520M (4) @ 3.200GHz
GPU: Intel 2nd Generation Core Processor F

No Problem with ZorinOS


Sure, you want my INFO, I will post my screenfetch for my Zorin machine, and I will even post more then that! But you need to update that profile to reflect your Zorin OS version you are using lol. Goes both ways buddy, and post a screenfetch of your system too, I wanna see lol.




P-Sensor = Thermals

CPU Blowfish Score (Benchmark)

Zorin OS 16 PRO - New Screenfetch - 5.11.36 Kernel


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MSI GE76-231 Raider Notebook Computer

BTW, I didn't want my main gaming machine to feel left out, it is superior in hardware, and deserves to be mentioned.

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My laptops are jealous of Mutini! :rofl:



Lol. I never could understand what they were saying. :joy:

I'm waiting for the next season to release. I like the show.


I'm waiting for the 3rd season of Mandalorian as well. From what info I was able to gather, the best the production crew is able to give to us is, 1rst quarter of 2022. I know, the pandemic really screwed things up bad for us stream watchers.

I also watch the Picard show, which we only got like 1-sason to watch like 2-years ago. The pandemic screwed up their product so bad, cause they didn't already have a 2nd season shot like Discovery had shot their 3rd season.

So Picard watchers got super screwed. We been waiting forever for a 2nd season of the show, looks like that aint coming until 2022 as well. Sucks, but reality, what a concept.

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Yeh. I'm waiting for it. I miss Data. I hated the season 1 ending with him. Besides Picard, Data, Worf, and Riker are my favorite ST characters. I like Geordi too, even on "The Reading Rainbow". Lol.

Seven of Nine need not question. Lol.

I wonder ST: Section 31 will ever happen. Emperor Georgeou character should have officially left ST:D with the end of season 3. I hate Burnam. I wish she dies. She's annoying. Lol.


TOS good expect for terrible episodes. TNG awesome starting 3rd season. Voyager awesome, Enterprise was kind of OK, but problems. Discovery's best season IMO is their 3rd season, loved it. I think first two seasons have a few issues.

And with Picard, there is a lot that needs to be explained. As it is right now after the 1rst season, leaves much open to determination, and there is just a lot I don't get. Like, perfect example, why is Star Fleet so different since the 90's shows?

Back to Discovery for a moment. I am rooting for the invisible nerd.

For those who weren't nerds in school won't understand this. But when you are a nerd, you don't get the attention that the popular kids do. You could be the most amazing person in the world, but people don't notice it.

And it compounds it worse, when you who are the nerd, are too shy to speak up for yourself, or make yourself known. Tilly is a Captain in the making and she doesn't even realize it. But Captain Seru, he knows it, he sees a Captain in the making.

She may have started as Ensign, but I believe the show will end with her being Captain of Discovery. So thats why I root for her, because she reminds me of so much of myself. So much potential, just needs to be given a chance to spread her wings.

Ohhhh, I forgot to say, DS9 is my most favorite Star Trek show of all time, still is, and probably always will be. Best written Star Trek show of all time, awesome actors. And Gerick was my favorite from that show, cause I enjoyed the mystery surrounding that Taylor. Or shall I'll say....Spy lol

TOS was quite horrible. But, sometimes funny. Lol.

TNG and ENT got better from season 3. I think DIS too. VOY wasn't bad. Although I didn't like Neelix.

From what I understand, from the accompanied comics, other novels, and the show, the aftermath of the Dominion War caused the fleet to be extremely weakened, return of the Borg threat, collapse of the Romulan Star Empire, threat of member worlds secession, and synthetic beings terrorist destruction of Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards and Mars changed Federation society drastically.

They had to reprioritize scarce resources, and societal attitude to acceptance to everything changed.

I think she has much potential. Although young, she's has the ability to think beyond what's in front of her, and not rush into things. She'll be a captain and admiral one day.

Oh yeh, The "tailor" was my favorite character of the show. I never really liked Sisko. I think Avery's overacting was a cause of it.

I like Miles too. But, Ezri took a while to get used to. Bashir too.


That design is awesome mate...i love the lightning around it. Your specs are great too! Want to trade with my older machine ? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hello Michel! :grin:

Yes, it uses a unibody design like a sports car, it is well designed. That lighting sure draws ones attention for sure, if you had this computer in a classroom, your teacher is gonna make you turn it off though I think, as its a distraction producer lol.

No thank you, I rather keep mine right where it is, no trading for older machines at the moment. LOL! But you have a very nice Acer machine though, its sexy and it knows it. And your CPU is still built on the same nano meter process that mine is built on, which means your's is still relevant for now.

I think the new 11th gen is built on the 10nm process isn't it? But early adopters to 11th gen just slapped with hardware problems. I was smart and stayed away from that mess. lol


Master Laptop

Works very well


@StarTreker, your laptop foto..i cant keep my eyes from it. I truely love the lightning.

1 thing you really should do, delete all those ugly stickers on it :sweat_smile::joy:


HP ProBook 450 G6

Everything working smoothly apart from the brightness control keys. I can't map them properly, so I have to use the slider from the control panel. Thanks, HP! :expressionless:


I know the feeling, its mesmerizing isn't it? :star_struck:

As far as the stickers, I totally agree they are ugly. But I have a policy I have always followed. Those stickers state the hardware that is in the notebooks, for those reasons, I never remove them.

There are video's on Youtube of this notebook if you want to see. Just copy paste this into youtube...

MSI GE76-231 Raider Notebook


Very Wise. Though, I admit, I removed them and taped them to a cardboard backing that went in a folder in the filing cabinet.
On the computer, they can rub away.