Conky (Tangent topic) on Zorin OS

Here is the current supported:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tomtomtom/conky-manager

sudo apt update && sudo apt install conky-manager

You can also install Conky Manager2, but it actually doesn't make a difference.:stuck_out_tongue:

If you need help with conky, feel free to ask in a Customization thread.


Conky and Conky Manager are both supported and not abandoned.

Conky Manager was briefly abandoned. It has been picked up and I posted the new Current Repository for it above.


That's where I got both. The themes that come with the manager mostly don't work and I can't find any recent themes for it. The one I'm using now is an old Conky theme. The number one theme on the first list I found on Google is 13 yrs old and #2 is 12 yrs old. It doesn't get better as you go down the list which came out last year. Surely someone somewhere is making themes for it and I just haven't found them.

Try DeviantArt.
Also @Tink on here has made some amazing Conky.

An important point to remember:

Conky is a scaffold that must be tailored to your hardware and specs.
So, for example, the network read may be off if you do not change the I.D. in your conky object to match your actual network ID

I make my own conky themes and I think most people do... So that may be why you are struggling to find themes.

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I hear you brother I'm just getting started. :grinning:

Yes, conky is not like Rainmeter.
Rainmeter is all kinds of user-friendly with lots of coding that does it all for you.

Conky is a lot more DIY ; it takes work on the part of the user. It's a learning curve.

I think it may be because conky was introduced as a bit of a lark during a time when Linux users were all computer nerds.

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It's making me want to eat nails.

sudo apt install -y libcairo2

Yea, Lua is a whole 'nother thing...

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