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Hello guys , please I installed zorin 16 on new ssd but already have a hard drive with windows 10 and after the installation the pc open windows and time I on it . please can you help me to be able to select from either the Windows or zorin 16 I have a hp laptop and find it difficult to make the ssd as the main drive

Did you turn fast boot off in Windows?

Turn off secure boot as well.

When booting, go into your bios and make sure that Grub is the position to boot first as well

This is all I see if I go to the bios configuration

I turned off secure boot and fast boot but unable to find where I can move the grub on top

It's the boot order menu... It may say Ubuntu, put that into the first position to boot from and not Windows.

Just curious, did you do the install correctly?

What does OS Boot Manager show when you select it?

Yes I did and what do you mean correctly may be if I missed something

Please this you are referring to because I only select here and if I select Ubuntu the what come which then allow me to select between them

I notice that Legacy is enabled. But Windows is on EFI...

I changed it to uefi but the same result

Are you trying to default boot into Windows or Zorin?

Reinstall the Linux and have come to this side how will I be able to exist it

This is a useful thread concerning things to do before and during installation of ZorinOS. Before you install

Unless you install the grub in the windows efi partition, the windows drive doesn't know the other exists. The windows efi is read first, so is the only option. You have to change the boot order to boot into Zorin. To fix this, reinstall grub onto the windows efi boot manager partition. Then you will get the grub menu and the choice. You may want to check the how to install zorin 16 in the tutorials category of the forum for a better unstanding of what is occurring.

it's waste of time to try Linux operating systems... Many problems with graphics and user's interface...

I switched back to windows itself... I will suggest users to try in Virtual Machine that's it

Yes, because Windows is totally issue free, never a problem to be found anywhere nor with anything... Got it.

Actually there isn't, and I've been using Linux only just fine... for decades now. Maybe the issues you have is a PEBCAK issue.

I would suggest people find someone that actually knows what they're doing and any issues they have could most likely be solved. Also following instructions over just trying to wing it does wonders as well to alleviate any issues or problems.

So you're on this forum just to tell people Linux is bad... Really?


He's been on the forum for a while as a Linux user. He has been quiet for a long time - which may note when he changed to Windows.
What I read most in the comments was a person frustrated by having to troubleshoot certain issues and therefor, assuming that the Whole is Broken.
This is... not unusual human behavior. I do it myself, often enough...
When a persons car acts up, they may cuss about how much a piece of junk it is, then once it is fixed, they Wuv Their Car.
We are funny animals.


Personally a took me about 12hour straight just to get installations fix but i did find a solution so what I finally get was to remove one of the driver anything I want to run either window or Linux . even with this I still think Linux is the best and if I was to pick one it would have been Linux . And thanks guys for the support


If your problem is solved mark it as Solution!:sweat_smile:

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