Corsair TBT100 Thunderbolt 3 Dock

Hi everyone. I recently got the Corsair TBT100 Thunderbolt 3 Dock. I haven't been able to get both of my external displays to turn on, even after authorizing the dock in Settings > Privacy > Thunderbolt. Does anyone have experience with this dock? Is there a better way to troubleshoot other than looking to see if there's a thunderbolt logo on my device?

is it Connected to Power?

Also are you running Nvidia or AMD/INtel GPU?

It is connected to power. It has a pretty beefy power adapter and supplies up to 100W to the device. I'm using an Nvidia MX150.

Are the Drivers for the NVIDIA set to the latest?

As far as I can tell they are. Software & Updates as them set to the metapackage from nvidia-driver-470 (proprietary)

so when u connect the display there is no interaction with the display (turns black) shifts. nothing?

I reread my initial post and it seems worse than it is. I can only get 1 of the displays to work over thunderbolt.

You may want to install install Prime Indicator extension. Set it to Nvidia GPU only, see if that improves things.

I don't know if my experience is relevant or not. I'm running a new LG 4k display. I purchased a KVM switch to switch between three machines I have. I wanted to use the same keyboard, mouse, and display. But the LG display does not like the HDMI output of the switch. The usb devices seem to work fine, but not the display. I have pulled the switch and use it in another test bench with three machines with an old 1080P monitor. It works for the most part there. (M1 mac won't share usb keyboard and mouse but display works for all three).

One of the things that I have found, is that when people buy hardware for 1080P, 4K, or 8K, they often forget about the cables.

To prevent issues, when I bought my HDMI switchbox, I made sure the box support 4K at 60 hertz. And then I made sure to buy cables that were rated for UHD 4K or higher resolutions at 60 hertz.

Believe it or not, non-gaming hardware for displays are bellow gaming standards. It was like pulling teeth to find out that supports 4K at 60 hertz instead of 30 hertz.

You look at gaming hardware, and they often go as high as up to 300 whopping hertz, its like crazy lol. But yes, double check the resolution and refresh rate of the switch.

And double check the cables you are using, you will know, cause of writing on the cables, look for UHD 4K 8K 60 hertz or even 10GBPS or higher transfer rates, these things should be listed on the cables themselves.

If you see a cable that says 1080P, buy a new cable. If you see a cable that says 4K but only 30 hertz, buy a new cable. You want 4K or UHD at 60 hertz minimum. Hope this info helps!


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I did some more research on my machine to see if others were seeing similar issues at the hardware level. Turns out the 2018 Huawei Matebook X Pro doesn't utilize all 4 pcie lanes in its Thunderbolt configuration (found out why they were able to sell it for so cheap :laughing:), meaning it only technically supports a single display stream over thunderbolt. I've gotten it to work with 2 displays in the past at my company's offices over DisplayLink, but that's not implemented at the hardware level the same. If I want two monitors, I'll probably just have to verify I can still get DisplayLink to work at the office and just buy whatever the office is using since I know it works :sweat_smile:.

Both my countries government, and me as a person, have a ban on Huawei brand. I don't trust a single thing from the manufacture, they have make things far too cheaply, and they are like Microsoft, NEVER to be trusted EVER.

From a spyware perspective, there isn't anything more Huawei, and the Chinese government if ya nasty, can learn about me that Apple, Facebook, Reddit, Google, and literally any other social network I've used in the past already knows about me; and I believe the Chinese government requires at least some of that information for those services to operate in China anyways. I trust my device more that I'm on Linux, but I can't deny the fact my digital footprint is larger than I much control over anymore. From a hardware perspective, this is the first issue I've ever run into. Everything else has been absolutely amazing and 100% worth the money. It's a great machine for more than 90% of things.


ohhhh, and, since we are talking about cables, I wanted to make sure and post this, as the results are interesting.

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I think that there is a difference between acceptance and complacency.


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Fair enough. In reality, we need to hold tech, and hardware, companies with wild amounts of personal data more accountable and they need have the courage to deny it to entities that might use it for more nefarious designs as they chase profits.

I'm just too realistic to believe my digital footprint is invisible.

I can find it interesting how a person can talk about privacy and data protection, while sharing tons of it at will over an open chatbox.

I have learned a lot about people that I never wanted or needed to know by sitting in any restaurant, partly because of what they spew forth and partly because they choose to do so at high volume.

In Ninjitsu, (actual, not hollywood), invisibility or stealth is often achieved by being beyond notice, not by being hard to see. In history, Ninjas wore not black outfits, but peasants clothing and looked so ordinary, they did not draw attention to themselves.

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In interesting take on data privacy. In a similar vein, I'm puzzled by people who, honestly and vehemently, believe taking a Covid vaccine will somehow inject a Bill Gates designed tracker into their blood stream. There's no need for a tracker. They own a cell phone. They use apps that ask for and are given location permissions without giving any indication as to why. They share insanely intimate details about their family, whereabouts, lives, on platforms that sell that information for profit. The human species has not evolved enough to know how to handle the instantaneous transfer of information and communication via the internet. In recent years I've done more to interact more anonymously on the internet, but unfortunately... data lives as long as it retains value to whoever holds it.

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Or that 5G causes it...

And they click "accept" without reading the EULA.

If one thing is made apparent by technology, it is the self-centered nature of humans.