Creating an Install Drive

Can I create a bootable USB install drive on my Windows desktop PC and then plug that flash disc into my laptop where I actually want to install Zorin? Or do I have to do the whole process from my laptop?

Yes. That is how I have been doing it myself using Unetbootin to create the USB, after first checking the SHA256 checksum is correct.

See this, Before you install

Thanks for that. The Zorin installation instruction page suggests using an app called "balenaEtcher" to create the boot program. Is "Unetbootin" an alternative? Is it better? And how (and why) do I check the checksum. My apologies if this seems all very basic stuff but I've been a Windows user since time began and this is my first attempt at trying a Linux based system. Thanks for your patience!

Check the tutorial link that @zabadabadoo mentioned. You will get links to other tutorials as well, like how to verify the checksum.
Verifying the checksum is something many people forget. However it is recommended to verify the checksum because in case the checksum does not match, it would mean that iso is corrupt and may have been altered somehow.
Unetbootin is a great tool and I would recommend you to avoid balenaEtcher as it has killed several Flash Drives. Rufus and Ventoy are also good alternatives.


As a user, I recommend against using BalenaEtcher. A disproportionate number of users have come to the forum complaining that after using it, the USB drive was shot.
There are many etchers out there...

  • Multiboot USB
  • Popsicle
  • Ventoy
  • Unetbootin

Personally, I prefer Unetbootin and Ventoy and recently I seem to be all Ventoy.

Verifying the checksum is a Secure Method to ensure the integrity of the downloaded file. A checksum is a secure hash generated when the download is created that cannot be duplicated. If you download a file and the checksum does not match... It means you got a bad download or a man-in-the-middle switch occurred.
Carmars post in the link @zabadabadoo posted gives instructions on how to verify checksum.

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Thanks everbody - that's been a great help. I was having no success installing Zorin on my laptop after using balenaEtcher and also had to recover my flash from the command prompt as explained on the main website. I'll start again but this time use Unetbootin. Fingers crossed!


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