Credit for Something I Didn't Do

I’ve just been credited with a “Helpdesk” badge even though I gave no help and my input was not accepted as best answer.

You can have it back if you want !



I also got a notification for a “Helpdesk Badge” that was granted for the same post several days earlier.
I wonder if the Discourse Software is having a moment.

Xana, you may want to hold on to that badge. If you flash it quickly enough, you could get a free soft drink at your local convenience store.


I think it (discourse) might be in meltdown - I had to choose whether to refrain from posting a reply I had made to Finston about printing issues in LibreOffice, I decided as there was nothing untoward in the post to go ahead and post … and then told it was waiting approval! Needless to say I was able to do that … being a moderator and all! :rofl:

@Xanadux It looks like someone might have previously marked one of your posts on that topic as a solution and later unmarked it. Since it was originally marked as a solution, the forum automatically awarded you the badge.

@Aravisian Everything looks fine for you on this front. Either the OP of this topic or someone else marked your post as a solution, and that seems to be correct.

@swarfendor437 We noticed an issue with the word filter on the forum, which now should be resolved.

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