CURSOR FROZEN-- but secondary works fine

When I boot up- at the sign in screen- the ORIGINAL cursor that is with the Zorin setup-- works to point to the sign in block, and when I sign in- IT FREEZES IN PLACE... stays there on ALL screens. The cursors that I added in a theme that are in the proper area- work fine- but that sign in cursor is frozen and I can't get rid of it.

This may likely not be your issue but do you mind confirming?

I don't have WAYLAND.. I'm X11.. That's all I know about that. Only reason I knew about the power supply- was i did the diagnostics and then watched the power monitor and noticed spikes (right after each weak point) and sudden slowdowns-- and that indicates regulator inside the power supply going bad. (I use to work on electronics..).. the power fluctuations cause all kinds of things-- it also messed up my wifi dongle... so change it out soon as you can..

MY mistake-- I've had eye surgeries (5 recently) and didn't SEE the little gear- and yes I do have WAYLAND and yes it FIXED the issue .. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

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No worries, Iā€™m glad you got it fixed. Could you mark my post as the solution?

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