Cut, Copy, and Paste Not Working

There is a bug that I’ve noticed a couple months ago. I hadn’t reported it as most major bugs are fixed in an update. However, after two months of this exceedingly annoying bug still exiting, I’m decided to report it. The bug is that the copy, cut, and paste do not function all of the time in Zorin OS. It doesn’t matter what software I use. It exists in LibreOffice Writer, Cal, and Impress. It also exists in Foxit PDF Reader. Also in the browsers (Firefox and Chrome). Gimp and so forth.

Basically, if I copy or cut it seems to clear the system’s clipboard. When I go to paste elsewhere nothing happens. It doesn’t matter if I copy or cut using the application menu (e.g. Edit > Copy or Cut), keyboard shortcuts (i.e. Ctrl+C or Ctrl+X), or right clicking within an application and then having the selected content and then selecting copy or cut. When I go to paste nothing is pasted. It doesn’t matter if I use application menu (i.e. Edit > Paste), keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+V) or right click menu and then click on paste.

This is exceedingly annoying as it really causes workflow issues. When you have to keep going back to another application and copy several times (literally) because each of the previous six times yields nothing when you paste.

I use Gimp a lot using keyboard shortcuts. It gets pretty fast, sometimes. I cannot imagine dealing with a bug like this.

According to this bug report, it only affects Snap Packages.

That may not be true, though.

Other suggestions include going to settings - keyboard - reset all default keyboard shortcuts.
In Gnome-Tweaks, disable ‘pointer location.’

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