Dark-green theme in zorinlite

I don't know why the green font looks like isn't obvious in the software app under icons in the above picture?
and in the second picture for the volume bar, when I highlight it, the slider wheel isn't obvious. Maybe I did changes in settings did that or is that the default?

I looked at the live Zorin lite, and I used the Zorin green-dark theme :
for the software store: the default was a dark background for icons of list apps. Maybe I do something that changed that, or maybe the software app has been affected by Gnome 42 update, I don't know.

I am not following what you mean by "isn't obvious".
Are you saying that the font has poor visibility?

yes, I just ask about the white background for each icon app in the software store, in the previous the background was black, the Changement to white is from the design of the software app, or from the theme

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Ah... a valid point...
I do not have this:

Have you ever installed KDE?

yes, I have, but I think I have uninstalled it completely. I don't have the above kde software store's interface, I have the gnome interface.

in a previous thread, I was trying to allow QT apps to use any system theme I use, maybe changing in these files affects that?

I wouldn't think so, since installing KDE often has this effect on Gnome Systems, even without using qt5ct.
Ensure that Oxygen Theme is not installed and if it is, remove it.
You might use Synaptic Package manager to seek out and destroy all KDE or Plasma leftovers.


KDE and other DE do not go well with each other. KDE just ruin something in another installed DE. In my case, it was the theme and the maximize minimize button (not in Zorin os but in Xubuntu) I have searched and uninstalled all the KDE packages via synaptic but the issue was still there so I have reinstalled the Xfce desktop and everything was just fine

In your case I think DE reinstallation is not nessesary

How I can reinstall Xfce?

sudo apt install --reinstall zorin-os-lite-desktop

there is a thread here in the community like my problem, and the suggested solution was getting default configurations by renaming .config to .config-bkp, and that worked for me

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