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I installed droidcam on zorin os because i hav exams so I nees it. Droidcam added a output and input device. Every time i boot up it selects the droidcam input instead of my laptops speaker. I tried to use pulseaudio control to change the default output devixe but it didn't work, I also tried to run pactl set-default-sink #device name# it didnt work. How to set default sound device like in gnome. In kde its just a setting.

I still can't find out whats wrong : (

Could you tell me what this Droidcam is?
I've never heard of it.

Droidcam is an application which let u use your phone as a Webcam. I don't want to spend money on a ■■■■■■ offbrand camera. This video will might help you understand what it is:Get a Free Webcam In Linux Using Your Phone & DroidCam - YouTube this is how I know how to install droidcam.

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Perhaps the developers page has some helpful info:

I had also never heard of droidcam. It looks interesting.

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It is interesting its very useful because i dont have to buy anything, all my friends got 144p webcams and i get to use the 1080p camera on my phone for free.


So I disabled the audio device that Droidcam created and it worked, this solution is not perfect tho. If I want to use my phone's camera and mic I need to install another application called WoMic it works very well because you can choose which mic of ur phone u want to capture from.

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But i alr have a mic so I don't need it

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