Grub Resolution

I have two and one is a zorin os logo without text in the midle of the scren

The Zorin 16 logo os the "Z" in the Hexagon outline mid bottom of the screen. Some users report that in the middle of the screen is the Manufacturers logo (I never had that).
Then the Zorin Name in Text logo replaces the "Z" logo mid bottom.

No matter what i do i think grub resolution is just broken

I killed myself all my zorin os 16 stuff is gone plymouth

I fricked myself oof, welp redownload zorin os i guess

Nvm i fixed it

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Did you try to apt remove Plymouth?
sigh... yeah it's integrated - Plymouth is not just a theme, it is integral to boot and init and governs a lot of processes.

If you boot into Recovery Menu (Advanced Options for Zorin), enable networking - then drop to prompt,

sudo apt install -y plymouth*

Don't feel bad- I made that Same Exact Mistake early on using Zorin OS. :wink:

That's good too. Panic good for the heartrate?

Grub Resolution is not taking with the Grub Parameter from the link above?

I changed the namen of the files so it totally just failed

The biggest problem is that i kinda screwed up alot of stuff in the root folder

I might do a backup and reinstall zorin cuz maybe it will fix some issues as well. And does plymouth effect boot times?

Oh i broke stuff again, i renamed too much stuff

I am sure we can fix your root folders since we did not go very far in them.
I have done the above many times, so I am used to it. It's those first couple of times that can get you... But after that, it's no problem.
If you are comfortable with reinstalling for a fresh start - that is fine. When I started out on Zorin - I could not stay out of root and I messed up - a lot - and had to reinstall - a lot-... But learned a lot too and now, having to reinstall is very very rare. I do it to get a fresh start, not because I have to.

The only thing to rename would have been the zorin theme directory itself. Renaming it from zorin to zorin-bkp.
What else did you rename?

I think i should reinstall cuz i kinda messed to many files. And hiw to get to a specific directory in nautilus i just don't know how. I will reinstall tmr and i sync my data to the cloud anyways so it doesn't rly matter. After installation i just download chromium and sync my stuff with gdrive

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Sounds like you have a great setup to really explore and learn the system, then. :wink:

After reinstall- I think your original issue was just that the Grub Menu Screen looked stretched.

I like zorin os because im lazy to theme my system like last time with arch, it was a mess i broke too many stuff with updates and i dont know which apps i blacklisted to update or not update. Zorin os is very stable and looks so good out of the box, u don't even need to change anything

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Yup, my laptop has the weirdest resolution 1366x768 all my monitors and tv are standard resolutions but the laptop is weird, i have a lower powered laptop runing zorin lite and it looks great

You are not alone in that.
My notebook here (I do not use it as much since I replaced with a tower) is a 1366x768.
It does occasionally throw an oddball, though. Hook up a external monitor and there will be ever so slight overlap between them.
On XFCE desktop, the panel will not quite fit by maybe four pixels. It's weird.

It won't help your curiosity any... I am on the Tower PC now with two of the same monitor at 1440x900. I can fire up the notebook later and run it if you like.

Guys can you help me, I can't change the default output and input sound device of Zorin Os 16 Core (gnome).
I created a forum = Default output and input device but no one responded yet.

Are you talking about this thread?

I think I might change the title of the above thread - the current title is too vague to attract any volunteers.

[edit] Done!