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Hello. I had to use an exe file on my zorin 15.3. The process of making it run was so easy. Everything good. But now I don't need that app anymore and I used timeshift to reverse the installation of wine and everything. Now, I see some of the app in the app menu, so as wine. I know I can delete them from main menu settings, but I was wondering if there was any other better way (to completely remove them from the system), like maybe clearing some cache.
Thank you.

To uninstall a windows app correctly i would go to the .wine folder c_drive and look in there for the uninstaller.exe for the program you want to delete. Mostly they are installed in program files.

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I deleted the .wine folder completely. now when I click on the "uninstall" app it pops up an error saying "Failed to change to directory "/home/user/.wine/dosdevices/c:/Program Files/[app name]" (No such file or directory)"

... That i did not say but oké. I don't know where those shortcuts are stored. Somewhere in the .local folder probably. Maybe use the search function now in linux to search for that app.

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You’ll have a similar error on Windows if you remove an application’s folders and you try to use the uninstaller. The uninstaller relies on information you just removed. Either use the uninstaller OR delete all files relevant to the application, not both.

I prefer POL - has easy to use regedit and it is easier to manage virtual drives on it.

I do not have wine installed to explore this effectively... but does Wine also save program files in Root?

Wine has its own folder and use windows sub folders, it even have a windows folder.

It would be something like ~/.wine/drive_c/program files(x86)/

If all of those are removed, then all the O.P. should need to do is remove the desktop entries for those applications.

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Yes, thats why i said it's stored in the .local folder (if i am not wrong)

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Yes, ~/.local/share/applications

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why I deleted the entire folder is because after doing the "system restore" of timeshift, I thought that those were left overs and just deleted them. I remember that in linux mint there was a setting to set up the app menu cache time. but in zorin I didn't find it. the files don't exist in my system, I couldn't find them (maybe they are hidden somewhere very deep or just cached). anyway, I will delete entries as @Aravisian suggested
thanks guys

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