Deleted partition during installation

I installed Zorin OS on my windows laptop but during installation I accidentally deleted all the partitions on my hard disk and all my existing data was deleted, can I recover my data? If yes then how?

Chances are good that it can not be recovered since you did things after you deleted them. Once you delete a partition it tells the system it can use that available space.

You could try googling a recover data from deleted partition software, but most run on Windows. As well as most require that you haven't done anything to the hard drive in order to recover any data.

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So,if the data is overwritten, can't I recover even a single document?

No, it's over written

Always best to store things in the cloud as a back up

If data has had its markers removed but not yet been over-written, then it is possible to recover it. You won't easily know ahead of time, you can only try recovery.
You can use Disk Digger to try recovery.
Remove the affected drive and connect it to another computer - mount it.
Then run Disk Digger for the file types you want to recover. It can take a long time... So I highly recommend you exclude any filetypes that you know you won't care about.
For example,if you are recovering personal photos, only check the boxes for .jpg or other that your photos were saved as. Avoid .svg or other formats that would recovery Icons and such.
Overwritten data will be corrupted or damaged - so your aim here is that which has not yet been overwritten.


I have that accident one time in life. Talking with Informatic Technician and told me before you changing something create a backup. I remember i lost also all data and they told me it cannot be back.
Maybe this guide help.


This one is a Hot Stove Problem.
I think we all learn this lesson the hard way...
It's just something everyone who uses a computer has to go through from time to time.
Always double-check your actions and Slow Down...
Always Back Up your Data.

I am being a total Hypocrite in this post, too.
I have not properly backed up in a couple months. I keep thinking "I really need to do that before I end up regretting it..."

I'll get around to it.

I will.


Yes that is true. It happens when I don't understable how correct install linux and when my adventure was starting with linux. When asked people if I can back my files they told me the ntfs partition are diffrent from ext4. I am not sure 100% if the lost files can be back. Lost 1TB data files.


So I guess the point way to recover the files, I have to connect with a another computer most likely windows computer (I think so) and save the deleted data on a different disk.

When you recover any data files what you lost with some software it will asking you where to back your data what was recovered and propably you will need put them on some pendrive or any another things.
I remember i used that software long time ago.
It helped mi mostly backup movies and photos.

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Erasing the partition "information" and not actually wiping the files or erasing the files, then the files for the most part will still be there. If you deleted the partition information and then began an install process, then depending on the size of the new install you will may have overwritten some or all of the files.

If all you did was a soft/fast format then all you did was to delete the FAT (file allocation table) which only removes the information where all the clusters are located that comprise the file(s). All your files will still be hidden but are still intact and can be fully recovered. Windows has as far as I recall uses 2 FATs and a soft/fast/quick format actually only over writes one of those FATs, thus the other remains with file location information.

You can do a web search using ... "erased partition table, need to recover files" and you will see some good suggestions.

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While I am still thinking about this. Your laptop may have a factory recovery partition that holds the original OS. If so you can go into the BIOS and restore it from there...perhaps. Or, there maybe a recovery disk that came with the laptop that will restore that original OS recover partition. Once that is done, you can use Windows tools or Recuva to restore the lost files.

Alright ... brains still on this issue for some reason. :slight_smile: You mentioned you do have Zorin installed. If that is the case, I believe there are some Linux tools that you can use to grab that file and partition information back. I am not familiar with that process but perhaps one of the other members here can advise on that.

I am still don't know what he want? He want back recovery operating system or back data files what he lost on hard disk?
@Lou you talking about recovery system and he talking about back recovery files.
@Arjo Do you want back operating system windows or back lost files?
If you want back files then unmount original hard disk to another pc there using some software what recovery your data files.
If you want back to windows on bios you have recovery serial number on that laptop then contact with technician support your laptop seller.
In my laptop when i lost recovery system the Lenovo send to me recovery cd plate. What i paying for that but laptops that times was more fat and with cdrom.

Well; I am actually offering possibilities for either file recovery or OS recovery. All depends on what he has done or not done so far in regards to recovery. The OP may be able to use a recovery DVD or the recovery partition on the laptop. Most big name laptops and desktops came with such a partition.

If he can get a Win OS back on then he can use a Win recovery tool such as Recuva. If he currently has Zorin installed and running then I think or have at least read that there are Linux tools that can recover those files. Regardless, there are a number of free/freemium recovery tools for Windows on the market. He will need to evaluate just what he has done so far, and how badly he wants those files recovered.

He does not have a Zorin or Linux issue, he has an issue with disk partitions and files not related to any Linux install but to his accidentally deleting a Windows partition. He will need to muddle through this the best he can.

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Windows isn't a problem if serial number is in bios.
Then he can install any the same windows distribution.

I took it as he wanted the files not the OS.

But even if getting the Windows OS back on the computer is successful, he's overwriting the data on the partition with installing Windows all over again. All that is going to be left is a fragmented mess.

And that is the most truthful statement in this whole thread.

Dean...I agree, his files are what he wants back. Going on the premise that using a recovery partition or the factory recover disc, this action will overwrite the existing disk area that has the Windows/Zorin/Grub installation. The files he wants to recover should be well past that area on the disk drive.

Of course, that recovery action will over write the two FATs but he can use any of the numerous web tools available to piece together those clusters. It will be a pain for sure. If the files lost are truly necessary to recover such as art work, taxes, etc. then he should simply pay a local service to recover those files.

He is between a rock and a hard spot I am afraid.

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We can speculate what he can do that but before we don't know what he have then we cannot help with thousand ideas.
Solutions also can be a thousand.

What I do know is that the more he writes to the disk doing things the more information he had on it will be over written.

Rule number 1 is you don't do anything further to the disk, nothing.