Desktop layout changed itself from zorin standard to gnome appearance


i newly installed Zorin 16.3 Core next to Windows 10. All is working fine, but some time when I start Zorin a unusual desktop seems to there - it looks like a GNOME desktop. The task bar in lower edge disappeared completely and when I press the WIN-Key on my keyboard on left side there comes a menu.

It's the exact same problem as stated here:
(Desktop layout changed itself from "Zorin Windows standard" to GNOME ? - Zorin Appearance not working)
The given "fix" there was not working for me unfortunately..
My Grafics: "Mesa Intel® HD Graphics 4000 (IVB GT2)"

I want rather to fix this somehow instead of reinstall it completely. Or shall I try with new Zorin 17?

Have you seen this related thread of old?

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I wonder if you have another extension which conflicts with Zorin extensions managing your layout?

Have you tried disabling extensions in the Extension Manager or website systematically, to see if the issue corrects?

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I recommend trying @ajo001's suggestion first. It sounds like the gnome-shell-extention-sorin-dekstop-icons extensions may be your starting point.

If no luck there;
You might try

mv ~/.config ~/.config-bk

Log out and back in or reboot and test.

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