Desktop Thoughts - Why I Choose Zorin

Just thought I would share some things I have come to realize relating to different desktops. I'm a lifetime computer user - both Windows and mac OS. I have tried various Linux desktops over the last two years. I am so grateful for the work that has gone into all aspects of Linux desktops, and I am now feeling the benefits - it is given me a whole new level of enthusiasm for my creative workflow. It just gets better every day.

Why I choose ZORIN

In my opinion...

Windows is simply a mess due to many elements of the system NOT CONSISTENT throughout. From one window to another. Even though it is possible to change the theme, many of the applications don't inherit the theme style etc. You just end up with an unhinged operating system palette. Plus, the start menu launcher is old, full of distracting adverts and has frankly become difficult to use. Sure, I can get by with it but seriously Microsoft - it is 2024!

Mac OS (I'm currently using Sonoma) is certainly much more cohesive and beautiful throughout. Mac OS is very stable and well integrated in the cloud. However, as Apple developers add new features, I am beginning to feel like many of the latest features are things I probably won't or don't use - even though I am forced to use them and just adapt to them. It's been a long time since I've said to myself, WOW, now that's an improvement!

Zorin brings the best of all four worlds together in one manageable and customizable package. With mac OS / Windows / GNOME and the freedom of Linux. It sure made my transition a breeze. And the genius of Zorin developers to integrate the different appearance modes - so, whether you're a Windows person or something in-between, there is no better transition for newbies than Zorin.
The future is bright!


First distro I saw that wasn't ugly and actually looked like a pro graphics artist had a hand in it. When Win11 refused to install on my old machines (without a hack), I was ready to jump. Just had to make sure Chrome worked (initially had to install a scroll speed fix), I could remap my mouse/KB (found Input Remapper) and there was a simple photo/graphics editor (Pinta).

In two years, I've never thought of going back. I'm so fond of v16 I'm staying with it till 2025. Tried a dozen distros on Ventoy but see no reason to hop.