Desktop UI does't load if monitor isn't powered on


I have been running Core for a while now, and while most things work great, I have two minor niggles. This is the first one:

If I power on my computer without powering on my monitor first, I will see an unlock prompt, but after entering my password, only the wallpaper will be visible. The only way I've found around it is to press the meta key, which lets me run a terminal (here I can also switch empty virtual desktops) and reboot the system from the command line. This would be less of a paper cut, if it didn't also make my USB switch change channels so my mouse and keyboard become disabled every time and I have to switch them back.

I'm guess this is as much a request for a possible easier temporary fix as well as a bug report.

My hardware is a Ryzen 2400G APU (Vega 11) hooked up to an Asus VG279 display. I am running ZorinOS 16.2 Core. Not sure if any other hardware could be relevant here.

Thanks to a tip from Aravisian that helped in another thread:

Adding nomodeset to the grub parameters as in the example fixed the issue temporarily, but the full fix is in this post.

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