Dim screen on laptop

I have an HP zbook 17 G6 running Zorin Core 15.3. Even when plugged into AC the laptop monitor is dim. I do not have that problem when I dual boot to Windows. I have a second monitor connected and that is bright with no problems. I have seen various posts about going to power settings, but when I go to main menu/settings all I get is a dialogue box with About/Date & Time/Users/Default Applications. When I was trying out the Lite version I had no problem getting to all the settings. I also installed caffeine via the CLI to no effect.

Also I have an ongoing issue that when I boot I get a black screen with garbled lines on it. I close the lid, reopen it, then everything works. I am not trying to fix this issue, I just thought I should mention it. This laptop has dual graphics cards, an Intel built in and a discrete Nvidia Quadro. I have gone into the BIOS and tried Hybrid, Discrete and Auto for for my graphics options with no effect on either problem.


You don’t see the screen brightness (as below) under your settings?

Just throwing this in for any future readers to reference for background: Garbled monitor at boot until I close laptop lid and reopen it

Nope. Don’t get that at all, strangely enough. All I get is the dialogue box attached.

Weird isn’t it?

You’re in Details sub-level, back out (click “<” in upper left corner) and go to the main Settings page and then go to Power. 2 selections above Details. See the left pane on my earlier picture.

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Thank you so much! Now all is right and good again in my Linux world!