Disable secure boot from terminal


Open a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T), and execute sudo mokutil --disable-validation.
Enter a temporary password between 8 to 16 digits (not characters: * &% $ £ "/^etc ...).
Enter the same password again to confirm.
Reboot the system and press any key when you see the blue screen (MOK management).


This is already well known on the forum here. But thanks for letting us know.

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I searched for a long time on Zorin forum but I did not find it ... I saw that with the last update the action was available, but I chose a password with "*" and it did not recognize it ... Now I have enabled secure bot but I wanted to understand how to access from the terminal.
To check if it is enabled from the terminal do you know the command?
Thanks for your help.

I found the command ...

sudo mokutil --sb-state


I mistook this as a guide, not a question. I have moved it back to General help.

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