Discontinuation of Zorin Os Lite

Well, sad to report, PCLinuxOS KDE kept freezing and I got my graphics card memory size wrong, it is 512 Mb not 256 Mb. The other issue was with Thunderbird failing to like the imported profile, just would not run.

What about Void? It is better from devuan or pclos?

I have struggled to get my head round Void and remember I am trying to install an OS for a non-technical person who hates computers. I am trying to avoid Devuan as it still contains elogind, a standalone element from systemd. In addition, Devuan 5.0 still has the same bug I reported about 4.0. I use en-GB keyboard, and if I use # in password I have to use en-US key! PCLOS is a great distro. I am still using Plasma version on my machine. Ironically, I was actually getting somewhere with MX-Linux 23.2 KDE but I managed to baulk install by trying to change some settings and on reboot with Ventoy got a corrupt .iso key (hash) warning so suspect thumb drive is failing. I am going to test GhostBSD xfce and PCLOS MATE next on the old rig to see what runs in Live mode. I tried to install Zorin 17.1 Lite on the old rig, but it stalled, again possibly due to failing thumb drive. Ironic that I managed to install PCLOS KDE and have forgotten to mention the advantages of KDE over Gnome in that in terms of Graphics under settings you can adjust compositor settings to account for low-end graphics, which I first discovered in FerenOS. Another I haven't looked at in a long while is WattOS.

Well having been unsuccessful with some other distros, ironically Linux Mint 19 64-bit Cinnamon installed on it and had to leave the upgrade tool to its own devices as my good lady needed the room for a meeting on her works laptop. Tried GhostBSD xfce but did not get anywhere and standard GhostBSD running MATE needs 4 Gb minimum to run. Surprised WattOS R.13 would not boot at all.
Machine MSI Motherboard maxed out at 2Gb RAM, Athlon 64 single processor, EVGA 512 Mb AGP 8x built in 2006! (But from memory the Graphics was a later upgrade, post 2006.)

Well, gobsmacked again. Now trying Linux Mint 21.3. Network printer showing on panel in Live Mode and Document Scanner has picked up the LiDE 600F flatbed scanner also in live mode! Oh yes and it is telling me the Logitech K750 Solar powered keyboard is fully charged!


I have always had good results with Mint's Ubuntu version like 21.3 or the Debian LMDE version. Using LMDE 6 on 3 different machines. I have not had to troubleshoot anything with any Mint edition.

Well, spoke to soon, hard drive froze just when it got to screen where it decides what can be skipped. Will try again later. May have to go with xfce. It's a pity that GhostBSD xfce does not run as needs more memory to run. Another possibility is PCLinuxOS community edition of LXQt!

@swarfendor437 That is nice you gived us our experience about testing linux distribution. That is good for creating a some subject here or topic.
The linux distributions not all can be for gaming,desktop and etc.
I tested opensuse and is very interesting.
It on somewhere have old opensuse sysinit.

I think you've exhausted the drive with so many changes. It might need some holidays :joy:


On reboot yesterday could not get past POST. After a lot of faffing, managed to get MX-Linux 23.2 KDE ibstalled and set Compositor to lowest graphics mode.

I have been using MX 23.2 KDE for about a month now on my desktop. So far I really like it. I think their Discover (software store) is one of the nicest I have seen. If MX continues to work well for me I will probably switch my laptop from Zorin to MX. I really like that the devs are very active on their forum. And any questions I have had were quickly answered.

Discover is part of KDE Plasma and any distro with KDE comes with Discover by default. It can be flaky at times. There is a lighter app that works faster than Disvover, Apper.

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Thanks. I'll check out Apper. So far I haven't had any problems with Discover other than sometimes downloading slowly. But I have been blaming that on my Internet provider because the slowness has been common no matter what OS I have been using.

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Well, unfortunately MX-Linux 23.2 KDE was just too heavy for the old rig. As soon as I attached the WD Elements external hdd I had backed up /home to it froze on each attempt. Zorin 17.1 Lite just would not boot so in the end had to settle for PCLinuxOS 24.04 xfce. Well the scanner LiDE 600F is working using Skanlite I installed from Synaptic. Preinstalled Xsane and Document scanner baulked so removed them. Do have an issue with SoftMaker Office 2024 Pro. Had to remove and install again using rpm -i in xterm. Still need to sort out printing via CUPS. It is a pity I could not get GhostBSD xfce installed. Panel defaults to bottom of screen.

Did you try MX Fluxbox? I understand it is supposed to be very light. Even lighter than xfce. Maybe it would work.

Well, even though I dabble with other distributions like Pop!_OS, Ultramarine KDE, and MX Linux KDE, I primarily stay with LMDE, Zorin, and Tuxedo. I have heard Bodhi Linux is ultra lite and very easy to use. Ubuntu 22.04 LTS based for 64-bit machines. I have only tried the live USB and it looks interesting for older hardware but no long-term experience.

I have played with Fluxbox before but remember this machine is primarily for someone used to using Windows 7!

Well, CUPS went sideways, and I inadvertently launched DNS config which didn't help. I know it is way out of date, but installed Windowsfx 10. Picked up printer which is also network scanner but not the local one, i.e., LiDE 600F scanner. Hey ho!

I've heard from a Distro called Nitrux. It is Debian-based and without systemd; instead it runs with something called OpenRC if I remember right. It uses a customized KDE Desktop and Li ... Liqounix ... Liqourix ... Kernel. But it is an immutable Distro.

I downloaded that, put it on Ventoy and it froze. Think the machine was not powerful enough!