Discontinuation of Zorin Os Lite

Soory to hear that. What I saw looks interesting. So, I thought it could be something for You.

If antiX or DamnSmallLinux ( https://www.damnsmalllinux.org/ ) is not lean enough, seems like the hardware is limited to what you will be able to do regardless of the operating system you install.

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It had MX-Linux xfce which was due for renewal this month, having had the last two iterations installed. I am surprised how well linuxfx (windowsfx 10.0) runs. It is a derivative of Ubuntu 20.04 so ok for a bit yet. Impressed by the detail of the hardware under 'about'.

Had a look at Nitrux on my machine (or rather tried to!), and discovered, like PCLinuxOS, does not like Ventoy - works better off DVD or alternative USB bootloader. It was looking for a 'loop to CD' (which we all know that most distributions have to be burned to DVD!