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Your method install drivers only from PPA.
@Michel's method install more recent driver which is only available from Nvidia site.

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@boldos, how is this complicated ? The steps i posted tells you exactly how to do so.

My first zorin os installation got messy with the ppa, i will never use that method again. Jelly mode was so slow...i tried to refert back to stock zorin os driver but it did not let me to and made it worse so i did a clean install and decided to use the nvidia driver instead.

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Well, his method is in 3 lines :wink:
But of course the end result is not the same.

That is a peril of PPA.
As the name indicates it is a "personal" thing and some PPA is abandoned for quite sometime. phpMyadmin is one of those and I had to install it from the source :frowning:

Zorin OS 16 got a kernel update, i noticed the nvidia driver was not working properly anymore. I have read somewhere this can be fixed, but i can't find it anymore.

For now i just reinstalled the driver, that worked.

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I have seen three other posts on this same thing. That the 5.11.0-34 kernel update caused Black Screen for other users. Tagging this to @azorin and @zorink for immediate attention.

Well don't forget i use the nvidia driver from the nvidia site. I did not get a black screen, it booted fine but i noticed it was a bit laggy. So i checked the driver and it was set to noveau again (even if it is blacklisted).

In the past in mint 17 nvidia used dkms, but when i check in zorin i don't even see dkms is installed. Do we need it so the driver can load AFTER a new kernel upgrade ?

DKMS can definitely help with this, but whether you need it depends on how the driver was installed. Drivers patched in from the developer generally do not need DKMS to roll forward with a kernel update. Drivers installed from a third party source by the user would need DKMS to prevent having to reinstall the driver each and every time the kernel upgrades.

Well like i said before, i do remember in the past when i manually installed nvidia on the mint 17 installation it used dkms. Now when i manually install the driver it does not ask about it.

So "normally" after a kernel upgrade the driver should auto load ? Even when i installed the nvidia driver from the nvidia site ?

Thanks for the guide, i think i will just reinstall the driver if it happens again haha.

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There may be an easier way and I am just not smart enough to point in that direction. But this is an issue that comes up often enough (Mostly with Realtek Drivers) that it is probably well worth me learning more about.

New kernel 5.11.0-36 + new nvidia driver 470.74 is working fine here.



Finally some good news for a change! :+1:

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Thread updated with Pop! OS 21.04 tutorial and dkms solution for Zorin OS 16 so users don't have to reinstall the nvidia driver when a kernel upgrade has been done.


I would if I could brother, but I don't have mod privilege, I can edit the title, but not your post. I'll edit it in spirit, yeah I know, doesn't help much, its the thought that counts lol. Its a beautiful post though, you are super stellar! :stars:

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25 times, I would say so.:expressionless:

Be careful what you wish for... I changed almost everything.

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I know, wanted to create a simple and good tutorial for the forum. I am a perfectionist

Thanks :smiley:

That one post is as long as the Linux Kernel.


What ? whahaha you kidding me ? Maybe Linus Torvalds has a job for me :sweat_smile:

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The Linux kernel has around 27.8 million lines of code in its Git repository.

When Dennis Nadrey screwed up Jurassic Park's security systems, Samual L Jackson was asked by the park owner, John Hammond, how many lines of code are there?

While smoking like a chimney on that cigar, cause thats what people did back then, (Yeah I know, I can imagine the inside of those Unix based systems too) he said there were 2-million lines of code.

So yeah, I think the Linux kernel has surpassed Jurassic's software code considerably.

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Hi, I really appericiate the tutorial, I am currently struggling with messed up monitors.

When I follow your tutorial, my OS ends up crashing at step 7, I hope thats not intentional?

Also, if I ignore step 7 and go straight to 9, my installation will get stuck at 5%.

I am not too experienced with Linux, but enjoy the OS and would like it to get resolved, is there any kind of info I can give out for others to help with troubleshooting?