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That is a great solution ....

I use a data cable to connect both my computer and PC to transfer photos and files ..... I bought a cable that lights up when you make the right connection as the USB side of the cable can be plugged in either way ..... by turning the plug up or down depending on if you want to charge your phone or transfer data .....

Works slick as I don't need to use my WiFi or Bluetooth ..... just plug in my cable to data and a icon appears on my PC screen .... open it and all the files appear from my phone ...... just drag and drop what I need transferred to either device .....


Me want. I'm assuming it's USB-A to USB-C? Do you have a URL to buy that cable?

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No unfortunately she bought it from a locally owned Chinese store call Mr. DYI ..... not even a name on it just says speed/data on it and yes it is USB-C ..... as I think most new phones are C now ....

I was going nuts trying to get my phone connected till the Mrs came back with this cable she found in her favorite store ...... :+1: :grinning:

Is it this store?


Not really sure zen as I don't live in Malaysia .... and I have never really been in their store just the Mrs goes there ....

Yup .... that's the one ..... just did a search on the web and it seems they are international ..... here their stores are mostly in the malls ....

Thanks for that zen .... that was my first for "learn something new today" ..... :+1: :grinning:

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Me neither, and I've never even bought anything from there or even walked in! :smiley: For for some reason that logo popped right into my head and was curious to know if that was it, as it does look like quite a good chain indeed.

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Yeah, I'm still trying to figure out how to root my phone without crashing it a bajillion times, like I did with my old phone. I stripped out every single line of Google spyware code from that phone... this phone is de-Googled already, but there are still some things I want to change that require root.

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In the beginning, Google opens its doors to services and lets users come and go as they please. And as the number of users grows, Google closes its doors and locks them in. This is how Google has become Big Tech.


all you need is a usb

An interesting exercise is to read the history and evolution of the Mission Statement. Pay specific to the change of placement of One Single Line...

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Is it Don’t be evil? :smiling_imp:


To make it simpler and more versatile.
I would forget trying to do it app free. Install WiFi FTP Server (free).

On the Zorin desktop install your favorite ftp gui client or run ftp as command line.

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