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But if you do this won't you be violating some rights which are only preserved to Zorin and what about users who payed for it instead of donating?


If the Pro Layouts are not covered by Copyright, then reflecting Open Source is merely a part of Linux Desktop.
The ZorinGroup has mentioned having legal counsel that assisted in creating much of the legaleeze documentation for Zorin OS that can probably offer advice on where this falls.

In the meantime - My opinionated reply:
As Zorin OS Pro is a Convenient Want; that supports development, myself and others have pointed out to many users that complained of Pro on the forum that Layouts is something that they can, if so inclined, set up on Core.

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What I'm wondering is why he's pushing so much in "favor" of Core and not the Lite version.
As he mentioned;

I simply looked at the Zorin-taskbar and Zorin-dash source code, as well as the Zorin Core/Lite repositories to find the resources required to recreate the Layouts.

Why don't I see the same example for Lite?

As far as I understood, No.
a friend of mine kindly summed up what GPL-2 means for someone like me trying to contribute, and from all that I understood from that, I am allowed to redistribute this as far as I don't claim it as my own.
the thing is that I am not the one distributing copies from it
the script automates the process of downloading it from Zorin themselves, you can check right now, gnome-shell-extension-zorin-dash is downloadable with APT in Core versions of Zorin.

I would also like to add that from the very beginning of me starting to make this script, I have always stated I would immediately remove the ability to apply the Pro layouts, or private/delete the Repository entirely if ZorinGroup should ask me to do so.

that has 2 reasons

  1. I am far less experienced with the XFCE desktop, and interacting with it from a command-line
  2. Unlike GNOME, XFCE doesn't simply use extensions and some config files, but (seems to) have some slightly more complex changes done, and as I've been quite honestly too lazy to reverse engineer that, I've kept the script I made at being just for the Core/GNOME release of Zorin

Your bigger fear will be the removal of Extensions in Gnome 40, when it happens. :wink:

in that case I could still simply make it download the Source Code, and revise the licensing a little bit, or use the "un-forked" versions of said Extensions (for instance: DashToDock and DashToPanel)

As I see you covering your tracks real nice, good for you.. but....you did not make my day. But I guess that's not what your here for ... I would like to see a version of Lite. I have been struggling with the layout versions present at the moment. Having those nice layouts would make a real difference. Too bad I guess.

Still seeing the notes you made on the forum, I can not understand how someone as handy as you can not complete or deliver as he promised.

I am sorry to dissapoint with the fact of the Lite layouts currently not being available, though, I figure that if there is demand, I might as well install Zorin 16 Lite onto my old ThinkPad and Tinker around a little bit

Also, "Covering your tracks real nice" implies I am trying to hurt ZorinGroup and Zorin as a whole, when infact, I am trying to achieve the opposite using this

I moderate in the unofficial Telegram Zorin group, and every day a user comes in and asks for copies of the Pro ISO, just to be declined (or fooled by our #freepro note which just explains why you should pay)

Often after explaining that the Pro version is supposed to not be looked at like a Paywall, but rather a donation to the developers, and that the Pro layouts can be recreated by the user, they very swiftly switched away from their pirated Pro ISOs, and instead followed guides with images I made a while back to manually recreate the layouts.

Following that, I decided it would be best to automate this process, THAT was the initial intention, spreading awareness that you shouldn't pirate the ISO if you want the layouts, but rather get welcomed into the world of Linux customization, and preferably supporting the Zorin project instead.
A lot of these users are now active daily in the Telegram group, sharing snippets of their Linux journey or asking for help.

my goal was not to hurt the Zorin Project in any way, shape, or form.
infact, If I had the money, I would've probably been supporting them for a long time now

Glad you said that, the latter I mean. I think you should have asked permission first. But then again, as u mention the Telegram Zorin Group, perhaps you did so who am I do judge your tinker.

But still Its not that long the 16Pro version has been released, do you think the buyers should be asked if they are willing to donate instead of purchase, and if not, should they get a refund.

Then again I'm not one of the Zorin's to decide if what your doing is in order with what they are trying to achieve by not asking for a donation but a selling the product. Still If it was my product I would kick your ...... You get the point, But that's me, I'm different.

and that is exactly why I from the very beginning said that the Zorin developers are free to contact me about the removal of said script.

Common thats the other way round.
Thats looking for a long discussion or writing contest. As I said before, its not my product I cant judge you... you just go ahead. And I will be looking forward for the Lite layouts, because buying them for an exact amount is not right. I'll donate whatever I want.
Guess I woke up a lot of sleeping heads out there.

Let's tag your post, as well... That way they may make an informed decision.
From my standpoint; I cannot offer any predictions on that.
EDIT: Tagged. The ZorinGroup are pretty easy-going, so I wouldn't get the sweat mop out, yet.

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