Display Bluetooth peripherals' battery status on taskbar

I think if in Zorin have a option who we can put the battery of a bluetooth device on the taskbar it gonna be so helpful.

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I first thought you wanted a battery and BT indicators.
Now I understand. You need to see how much battery remains in your BT peripherals.

I found the way to show BT battery:
click on battery icon on taskbar -> select settings
Then you will see the battery status of BT

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I still don't really understand what @othiagosm wants but here are steps to enable battery percentage in system tray.

Steps on enabling battery percentage in system tray:
Right-click on panel -> Settings ->Power -> Toggle Show Battery Percentage
Screenshot from 2021-09-02 10-48-20

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I rephrased the thread title to clarify the OP's question.
OP wants to see the battery status of Bluetooth peripherals on the taskbar.

As far as I know, the only way see it is in the Settings, not on the taskbar (as I have already replied above).

Ow Thank you, I understand know. @othiagosm wants to see the battery life of his Bluetooth peripherals on the system tray.

I will try to see is there any Gnome Extensions or any third party software that can fulfill @othiagosm.

Since I don't have Bluetooth Imma buy a bluetooth card to try to find anything that works. I have a cheap bluetooth speaker that use battery.


You can also use a USB Bluetooth dongle.
It is cheaper and easier to implement than PCIe expansion card.
If you can find ones with CSR8510 chipsets, its driver is included in kernel and there is no need for installing additional driver like Broadcom chips.

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