Display not fitting on my monitor

Just had a fresh install of zorin and the display is not fitting in my monitor,

Can someone help me?

Go into your settings, display and select the correct format for your display

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Already did but the problem still occurs

Check the settings on the monitor itself.

Did it work fine when you used it in the live version before installing?

Yes, I switched from windows to Linux and the monitor was working fine before

I think it was because of the drivers

What kind of graphics card do you have? It could be your graphics driver

I have an intel graphics card

If that’s the case, then how do I change or update the drivers?

Check to see if there is a driver in your updates

How do I do that

You can also try in a terminal: sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall

In the update manager I believe it is located... I don't use Gnome anymore..

But just do a search in your menu for update.

I don’t have any driver or software updates right now

I think it had to do with my drivers, my laptop uses an intel graphic card but I don’t know why zorin decided to install AMD drivers

Try the terminal command I gave you above

I did, it said I didn’t have any drivers to install

The update manager told you that, is that what you mean?

Please relay the output of

sudo lshw -C video