Display on zorin core 16.3

I have a Geoflex 230 with intel pentium n4200 processor and intel HD graphics 505 (APL3) wit 4 GB memory.
I use the laptop for testing Linux Distros and Ubuntu 23.04 works well.
Zorin 16.1 didn’t work too well with the touchscreen, so keen to try 16.3
When I run the installer the OS installs correctly but the display is upside down and as I rotate the laptop the display also rotates to remain upside down.
Any suggestions would be helpful
Zorin 16.3 installed and working on my normal laptop perfectly.

Please see this guide here:

Thank you for your reply.
i am running Zorin 16.3 from a live disk
Under display there is no entry for orientation.
I can see this option on Ubuntu 23.04
running sudo apt remove iio-sensor-proxy doesn't help in this case as a rebbot starts a new live session.
I will try again at a later date and partition my hard drive so that i can do a full installation rather than run a live session.
Thank you for suggestions and your prompt response

By default, 23.04 ships with the 6.2 kernel.

The 6.2 kernel can easily be installed on Zorin OS. So, if this is due to a driver needed for the hardware- the above may be able to resolve that issue.

Thanks for the reply, will try later

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