Display resolution different in Installed vs Try versions

I tried the following version “Zorin-OS-15.3-Lite-64-bit.iso” on an old Lenovo Think Pad T61p notebook which was running fine with Win 7. Because of small screen the resolution was too high and I was able to changed it in the Trial version (not installed, booted from USB). It worked fine, so I installed this version. But after installation and restart there was in settings - desktop – resolution only one resolution, all other in the trial version available possibilities disappeared. How it is possible, that there is a difference between installed and trial version? I see no reason for it.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Can you see if there are any listings under “Additional Drivers” as shown here? Software Updater settings

Thanks for help! I installed all Updates, there were no additional drivers available. As I changed to Main server I saw "This device uses NVIDIA proprietery driver G84GLM (Quadro FX 570M) Think Pad T61p. Because of this message I tried to install the 3rd install option for NVIDIA, but the installation crashed twice. So I went back to the first option, during start I see now the NVIDIA symbol, but in the display resolution is still only one case 1920x1200. I tried also the second driver “X.Org X server” and HEUREKA it works!!! Kind regards Jan