Distorted screen after wake up from suspend

Whenever my computer (iMac 24", Mid 2007) wakes up from suspend, it distorts the display, making it look like that one LSD DOS virus. The version I'm using is Zorin OS 16.3, Core Edition.

If you are on Wayland (by default on Zorin) try X11 instead.

My Zorin was already set to X11. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Did you try Wayland then?

Yes. When I tried Wayland, the screen just turned black after waking up.

And Settings > Screens > Fractional Scaling? Try this options on both Wayland and X11 :wink:. After trying in one you might not have the gear icon on the login screen to select the other one so you'll have to restart the computer and set the other one to test it.

Same results. Although, Wayland turns on instead of going dark, albeit still distorted.

I just updated to Zorin Core 17.1, and the problem goes away when I restart after suspend. I am still having it if I don't restart, however.

I am not sure I am fully grasping your problem.

Maybe there is not enough swap space for the amount of RAM you have?

If you are closing a laptop lid the contents of RAM get dumped to the swap space sssigned. If you have 8GBs of RAM installed while using 6 GBs and having only 4GBs of swap, the swap space is not large enough to hold everything and it might corrupt what was in swap.

How much physical RAM is installed and how much swap is assigned?

This is just a possibility. Not sure it will really help.

I have 2 gigs of RAM and 2.35 gigs of swap space. I was considering allocating more space though. (BTW if you want me to show a picture I could)

Do you have a swap file or swap partition?

Good idea to show another image. That way someone that knows more might be able to assess the problem a bit better. It seems you have enough swap. I will say using Zorin 16.3 with only 2GBs of RAM seems low. I think a swap partition is what is needed but I thought the use of a swap file that is dynamic was a better way to go but I don't know for sure. Post an image and we will be able to get a better idea of how to go about troubleshooting.

Yes, I have a swap partition.

This happens every time I use suspend.