Distro suggestion

Hello guys :innocent:
Suggest me some underrated fantastic Linux distros that you know

enough suggestions over here;

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@dasjdoom That is what distributions have you installed - not all necessarily great!

@Adithyansm Devuan 4 for me! Going to test Devuan 5 stable at some point. Why Devuan? Because it has the option for Blind users to install without the need of sighted help!

Ok, perhaps this is better.
Have a look here!!!

For very old computers, Q4OS works wonderfully, very light, beautiful and responsive


Thank you guys for your suggestions :innocent: I will try them out in a VM

Antix and MXLinux are also frugal with RAM usage!

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CutefishOS looks Nice

Pepermmint Linux lite

Zorin 16 .... lots of people underrate this GNU/Linux OS , and they are dead wrong


Peppermint has unfortunately become Google-centric in much the same
way Makulu has.

I would like to know your PC specs before recommending.

I will just spin up a VM and give it 4GB ram for testing the above-suggested Distros

In that case you should try Pop!_OS and MX Linux. They are very good. I use Pop!_OS as my daily driver. It works better than I want it to. Also consider using Fedora, which I, at first, did not like at all but it got interesting all of a sudden. The only issue I had with Fedora was the lack of app support. You have to depend on Flatpak in fedora for most apps. Very few apps were available in the dnf repos.
Note: I did not enable RPM Fusion when I used Fedora, I think that might have changed some things.

Apart from these, you can also try Nitrux and KDE Neon. The former does not work on my computer for some reason. You can get a KDE Plasma experience by using them and you might even start liking it (I did).

But if you are looking for an OS to switch to, completely and not just try it on a VM. Then I recommend either staying on Zorin OS (user-friendly) or moving to Linux Mint (good for productivity users and user friendly) or Pop!_OS (good for multi-tasking and gaming). Mint, Zorin and Pop! OS are very stable and it is better to use stable OSs in a production system.


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