Does Zorin 16 support NVMe SSDs?

I've been interested in installing Zorin 16 on my laptop for school for a while now and I've been doing a bit of research before I attempt to install it. I noticed that people have been having issues installing Zorin on NVMe SSDs, which is the one and only type of drive my laptop contains. Is this going to be a problem when I try to install Zorin 16, or is this mainly a problem with previous versions?

Any information is appreciated! Thanks in advance! :smiley:

You will find a conversation about NVMe SSDs here which may give you a steer. Samsung or Crucial SSD? - #13 by dasjdoom


Thanks! This does give me some insight. I'm still a bit unsure, but I'm more confident now.

Hi @ShayButta and welcome to the community :slight_smile:
For your info: I have been using Zorin 15 and 16 for more than 6 months now on my HP ENVY-x360 laptop. The only drive available is internal NVMe SSD and never saw a single problem.
So don't be afraid and go for it, NVMe is just a standard tech these days, which is normally supported by Linux :wink:

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You know what that is? That is a Western Digital SN750 1TB NVME of the 2280 M.2 variety. It's so fast it makes Doc Browns Diloran look like a hot wheel.

I've been running Zorin OS 16 just fine on it. It's a PCI gen 3 drive and boy is it fast. :grin: Usually, when people talk of issues, they are talking about Samsung drives.

More then likely, the real cause of people's issues, is they are running a newer NVME drive then the bios fully supports. And, unless they do a bios update, issues.

Another issue can be from the Linux kernels as in lack of support for newer hardware. But like I said, I have no issues!

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Thank you guys so much for your input!

I'm pretty certain my BIOS fully supports this SSD (especially after updates) and my hardware isn't too new. So I think I should be fine. (Hopefully I don't run into any hiccups but I think I'll be alright)

I feel a lot more confident with installing Zorin 16 now thanks to you guys! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


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I have my Zorin installed on GOODRAM PX500 256GB SSD and MSI B250M
Motherboard set to UEFI/Legacy and all works perfect


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What's in your computer?

I only have space for one NVMe M.2. But that's enough for me... for now. I just installed Baldur's Gate 3 from Steam. 91 GB space needed for that game!

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So many games take 100GB now. Dirt Rally 2.0 with all DLC, takes 100GB. Call Of Duty is also known for its whopping 100GB now too. Gone are the days when a 80GB to 250GB drive were considered enough for gaming.

These days, a gaming computer should have 500GB minimum. But for serious gamers, 1TB is minimum. Games libraries are expanding quickly.

I'm sure once 4TB SSDs come down in price the be reasonable, gaming will make another leap to 200GB per game lol. I know it's crazy, but these games are getting so dark good looking these days.

Of course, you need fast RAM, fast CPU, and a fast GPU, in order to make use out of those fancy graphics. All these NVME drives do, is speed up loading times.

Why bother? Just get Diablo Immortal on Mobile. :grin:

I have considered upgrading my RAM with some faster one. My RAM is "only" 2400mhz

You mean Candy Crush :stuck_out_tongue:


OMG...Nooooooo :pleading_face:

What you need is some delicious 3200MHZ RAM, in the equally delicious 32GB of it range, dual channel. And if you got Intel, XMP enabled all the way baby woooooooo! :joy:

Only way to game :video_game:

Mobile gaming? Ugg :pensive:

There are only a few games I can play on mobile, but they are on my tablet, not a tiny phone. And some of those games, I have to use a Bluetooth controller :video_game:

Touch screen gaming works for some games like Plants VS Zombies, or Bejeweled, Candy Crush. But for FPS games like Doom, Dead Effect, touch screen sucks. Lol

Don't you guys have phones?

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Actually have a high end phone, but I rarely uses its capacity other than taking photos.

"We have no plans to do PC"

WOW, what a way to anger your entire fanbase. Its like Gabe Newel all over again from Valve in regards to Half Life.

Companies gonna learn, the only reason you make money, is because you provide a product that people want. When you stop making said product, people will stop giving you their money.

Its really as simple as that. Bethesda bought ID software, then Microsoft bought Bethesda. Once gaming became a commodity to exploit, thats when the gaming world went to garbage. And it will continue to get worse.