Samsung or Crucial SSD?

This is a post from a question I had that @StarTreker responded too. I personally don't have tons knowledge or experience with SSD's, but he does. And it looks like Storm goes with Samsung as well. So I would guess either one of these 2 would be good.


I would agree with this as well as @JeffK969 I have not much knowledge of SSD aside from what I read..and I read a lot. But that makes me no expert.

Whats this? Are we talking about one of my favorite topics SSD drives? Cleans eyeballs... I think we are! Oh how exciting!

So, as it appears, some of you stellar folks, are wondering about the speed differences between SSD and NVME M.2 drives. Well, do I ever have some information for you!

SSD drives have a theoretical maximum of 600MBPS, as that is the limit of the SATA III interface standard. However, more often then not, what you actually see, are around 500MBPS at best. 9-years ago this was plenty speed of speed, but no longer in 2021.

If you want the sheer speed of the universe, delivered to that sweet sweet PCB, then you gotta go with NVME M.2 SSD. Why you ask? Well, PCIE gen 3 alone is rated for 3500MBPS MAX interface speed, and what you will usually get is between 3000MBPS to 3300MBPS depending on drive brand.

I don't know about you, but thats faster then I can type this message! So, if you use your computer for gaming, or for production work, oh man, you want that sweet sweet NVME, to deliver that delicious speed you crave oh so heartedly. :heart_eyes_cat:

If your lucky enough to have bought a machine in the last couple months, then you have the PCIE gen4 standard, and that opens new doors to you. Were talking 5,000MBPS dude. Thats so fast, that its gonna boot into Zorin OS in like 5-seconds!

The decision is clear, NVME M.2 for the win....... WOOHOO! :joy:

Another question was raised, that some NVME drives do not play well with some systems. This is most likely due to BIOS incompatibility. I know, sounds horrible doesn't it, like a 2-week old stale sandwitch, no, I don't like it either! So what are we gonna do about it? Were gonna update our BIOS is what were gonna do.

But let me let you in on a little secret, cause I feel generious today. Pssst.... Buy PCIE Gen 3 WD NVME for your gen3 board, save you a lot of time it will, and happy you shall be as a result!

If you got a PCIE Gen4 board, well, what are you waiting for you stellar dudes and dudetts? Get on over there and pick you up some magical Samsung NVME drives with in your face performance, that will mop the decks with your old SSD drives.

And if your still using mechanical? Ohhhhh dear, oh dear, oh dear, you poor soul. I am sorry to say, that 250MBPS to 350MBPS is just not gonna cut it, when the new games arrive. And off to the store you go, to upgrade!

Stellar fiddle fiddler de Zee, waiting for Lite in XFCE. Zorin...............OS.............16..............LITE! And thats all I got. :rofl:


Can't use the Gen 4 on my board. But I am acquainted with Samsung evo plus. Have the 500GB installed. Just bought the 1TB (black Friday deal).

Nothing special, am used to the speed and stability just needed more space. Thought about buying the 2TB nvme, but I use nuc "H" has a extra bay, which can be extended with a normal SSD. So i have the Samsung 1 TB SSD already, so that makes 2 TB.


On the first day of Christmas, my mother gave to me, 2-1TB NVME M.2 SSD, 2-Sata 2TB SSD, 2-external 2TB NVME in a raid USB 3.2 SSD, and thats a lotta of PCB! Its soon to be 2022, will Santa have a Alderlake in a box for you. Prey, its not a lump of coal! HAHA :rofl:


Nope, guess I haven't been a good guy no presents for me this Christmas.
So no Alderlake for me. have 3 good running nuc's already. But I'm also not gamer so the common specs are ok to me. Just needed more space.

My pc's are still good to go and you know that Zorin runs ok on old pc's. Well mine are not that old.

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Yes, I do know, got Zorin OS PRO running on an old dual core P6200E with 8GB of RAM, upgraded of course. I haven't booted that system up in weeks though, I bet when I do finally boot that old machine up, its gonna have so much updating to do, it might just croak for good.

OK, well, maybe if it had Windows on it, it would croak like someone losing their voice. But this is Linux, and we do things right. Well, most of the time. Linus Torvalds certainly has some words about how things have been going with the fragmentation of Linux.

Space is good, space is everything, were surrounded in it, like the force. And its always good to expand space. So, more space for your lovely NUC, may the NUC be with you. Well, so far, you've been good to me dasjdoom. So, you never know what gifts await.


No long Details
simple answer Go with the Samsung its the best among all

You mean they have better specification and speed read.write also lifetime ssd from Crucial what re cheaper but longer on market(Omicron)?

Samsung is the best, and produces the highest performance NVME SSD drives, but here's the thing, they are more expensive, and they don't play well on all motherboards, unless BIO'S is updated. Western Digital plays better with most motherboards and is nearly as fast as Samsung drives.

Crucial is also an excellent brand, a popular brand too. They are not the fastest drives out there, but they are quite compatible with most boards. You see, sometimes buying an NVME SSD drive is not just about the performance, but the compatibility.


In my experience (I was a computer repairman for 18 yrs), Crucial SSDs' are more compatible with main boards, especially with Asus' products


Yes better catch ssd what working with all. Imean older PC
All youtubers have newer pc that for me what they showing are useless for me. Never get 100% it will working on my old pc.

On the Crucial website, there is a form, you can find the best SSD for your Desktop/Notebook system.
I suggest checking it out

In all the years that I had been building PC's, one of the number one things I had found, is that the best way to do it, is to do your research, and learn what components are compatible with each, don't just stop with the RAM, check everything.

And also, don't do the classic mistake that many people do when building their computers, and thats cheap out on the power supply. Buying a PSU too cheap, is a good way to find your components fried in short order.

In these modern times, in the USA, its now law in many states, that a PSU has to have a GOLD efficiency rating minimum, just to pass efficiency requirements. So, ya, always check your components compatibility before buying, its the best way to be sure.

Notice that I use the keyword had in my post. Thats cause I don't build computers anymore. I find it far easier to just buy a notebook, everything is compatible, already selected, installed, ready to go. And it was easy to upgrade mine with more storage too.

Of course, I made sure to buy the same brand and type of NVME SSD, that way, like I've said, things match, things work out of the box, and I don't even have to do a BIOS update. I know, isn't that so stellar? Anything that makes my life easier.

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They have a scan tool what told you what compatibility is ssd or ram.

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It is good model?

Please lookup Kingston drive compatibility with your motherboard. Kingston drives are known for their value, but not for their sheer performance.

My recommendation is Western Digital Black drives. They are the best balance between value and performance. But Crucial drives are also good for their balance of performance and value, see...

Hello @StarTreker thank you for answear. I can only sayed i am in zone "Shengen" that means not "EU". I will focus on Crucial then. Why? Because they lifetime is good in test and 5 years warranty ( i heard they want change warranty because new chia bitcoin what using free space on hard disk). I know WD drives a colour hard disk not for painting but what you want use. I will using Zorin mostly on ssd for operating system. Games and another data on hdd. I reading this is best option.

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5 years warranty. One question for older people retired which gui is best xfce or gnome? I mean not difficult to find anything?

Bourne, why 2x 500GB and not the 1TB?

Do you mean which DE is for older people or older people using which DE? :grin: