Download Zorin OS On Raspberry Pi 3

can someone just like help me download zorin os on it

Zorin OS is x86 (i.e. Intel and AMD compatible), if I am not mistaken. I am not aware of a version for ARM processors.

There's always this route, but it is still not a full Zorin OS install:

Otherwise, they have been clear on their support page that they do not have a RPi version:

System Requirements - Zorin Help.

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Should work on a pi3, performance will be a tad underwhelming. But the hardware is supported

May want to consider an update to the System Requirements page I linked to above, then. That says otherwise.

Also, your answer seemed...vague. Work how? Is there a ARM version of Zorin OS I am missing?

I mean the directions for the pi400 listed above should work, the pi3 only has 1gb ram on it, so the desktop environment is going to be sluggish - even on the pi400 with 4gb it can bog down as it it running a broadcom 4-core. but the onboard hardware down have native driver support ~ so it will work but not entirely well.

So should be able to install the zorin packages over ubuntu server - however its going to be a frustrating daily driver on a pi3

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