Downloaded 17.1 iso but same problem during installation!

I downloaded Zorin 17.1, burned it out with Etcher. Then I started the iso with support for Nvidia, have Nvidia 2060. I got into the desktop in Zorin iso. Here I chose "try Zorin" so that I could adjust the screen size, as it was far too small. After this I started the installation. I made my choices and chose advanced installation, as I have three SSD disks and other operating systems on the machine. This works and goes well as usual. After this, I made further choices, entered all the data. When I was done, I clicked next; Then the installation image disappeared! that was it and no installation.

Today I downloaded a new iso from a Swedish server, but the same problem. It is quite clear that there is something wrong with their ISO, as all other ISOs do not have this problem! Will try and download 17 and then upgrade to 17.1 later.

Check the SHA256 checksum of your downloaded .iso against the value listed on Zorin website. Ref: Before you install

Also check Secure Boot (BIOS) and Fast Start (Windows) are disabled before installing Zorin.

Maybe try a different USB burner than Etcher, e.g. Rufus or Unetbootin.

There maybe a good case not to add additional driver updates at time of install, but do that after. Others here may advise you better on that matter, particularly for Nvidia.

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No need to do that, as 17 iso worked and after the update I have 17.1. So there is something wrong with the 17.1 iso and I tested two different ones from different mirrors, I can't be wrong.

That's strange as I found on my old machine 17 didnt work and 17.1 does.

Yes, i talking about the iso here

Downloaded and paid for the New Z 17.1 .. installed and still reports my Laptop as being 16.x?? What is going on? Downloaded the latest Version of 3.55Gbs lastnight - does Zorin have an update option to RETAIL all the files, wares & Settings WHICH MS WINDOWS Threw away via the Current Dark Web Attacks .... or BLOCKED Themselves!!!??

By this, do you mean you used the Zorin OS Upgrader Tool?
If so, did the upgrader successfully complete? Did you see any errors?

I had the same problem. Unchecking the two boxes stating to install updates and third-party-drivers at the beginning worked for me.

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