Downloaded Zorin 16

Zorin 16, im already on Zorin 12. Hoping to get better performance for web browsing.

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I am heading out the door to drive my son into work.
Please note the thread here:

if you run into any EFI installation trouble.

I set the boot order to favour USB seemed like it made no difference just ended up back into Zorin 12 system.

Ive tried adjusting boot order to favour USB. Just keep ending up back in the Zorin 12 operating system.

This is what the volume looks like when i open it in Zorin 12

That is just the .iso file.

If the .iso was burned as a bootable medium, when you open the USB stick it is burned to, it would look like this:

I see another USB in your screenshot. Did you ensure you were burning to the right USB stick?

I burned to the ISO file in my downloads folder which was not on my USB.

I figured this out a little while ago. So basically i needed to select the path to the USB and not to the ISO file for Zorin 16 i had in my downloaded directory.

I will repeat the whole process in a short while and report back here.

Okay so ive realised the problem is here. Please work out what i should be doing

Is the Zorin OS .iso located in your home Downloads folder?
In Unetbootin, select DiskImage (As you have in yrou screenshot above), then the ... button (ellipses) and navigate through the path the Zorin OS .iso in your Downloads folder.

In your screenshot above, it says .ISO instead of .iso.

Its located both in my downloads directory and also in my 16GB USB drive since i made a copy of it there after it downloaded

Smart idea - back ups are always a lifesaver. But point toward the file in your ~/Downloads folder for unetbootin and remember, case sensitive.

If i do that then no burning will happen for my USB drive? The drive i want to boot from?

What is this file btw?

It is merely reading the iso from that location.
The place it is writing to is Drive, noted here:

/dev/sdb should be the USB stick you are writing to. Please double check that drive is the Correct stick.

Sorry to but in here:
@SPR100 Unless you are using the 16GB USB stick as the source of the Z16 Core iso, can I suggest that stick is removed from your machine to avoid confusion. That should leave you with just 1 USB stick as destination for your bootable Z16.


Whenever you "but in" it is almost always some very helpful common sense point I glossed right over. Ever apologize for that again and I'm gonna punch you right in the snoot.

-chuckle- I have... at times... like 6 gigsticks all plugged in at once in a furious firestorm of one to the other to the next with compression going on and sideways transfers to other machines cats and dogs living together total chaos.


K I S S = Keep it simple stupid. :grinning:

I am using the 16GB stick for that purpose the other USB is for my brother document scanner which scans directly onto USB.

By stick you mean which stick? Would you like me to take a photo of the USB stick on the front of my machine? Thats the USB we are burning

Sorry cant do that the photo size is to large to upload here