Dual Booting the Non-Traditional Way

Hi. I have a question.

I watched the video on Dual booting the non-traditional way. I was thinking whether the drives need to be encrypted. I was like I don't need anybody to know what my browsing history was like honestly, so I figured that this is needed.

Now, let me ask, with the non-traditional way, can the disk partition be encrypted while going through installation process?

Crosslink:Dual-booting Windows with Linux the non-traditional method

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Gday @amanajosh ,
See here, as you install there is a selection for encryption, For non dual boot.

Try looking here,

Below post method,

Hope this may help.

Personally there are better ways than encryption for browsing history. Bookmark pages then export them to USB for importation later. Should anything go wrong with the OS recovering encrypted data becomes impossible to recover. Many years ago whilst installing SuSE Linux 9.3 Professional warned that if encryption is enabled it could lead to severe data loss. The other simple step to take is clear all history after each session after exporting bookmarks.


Hi @swarfendor437

It seems you either deleted the YouTube video for manual partition or made it private. Please I need the video so I can dual boot safely.

Try using youtube.

I dual booted successfully, however I would have preferred the Windows bootloader when starting up any OS but it gave me Linux bootloader. I dont mind but I thought the video I referenced would have been more ideal for me because starting up any OS is a little slower

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Gday @amanajosh
Glad to hear you fixed the issue.
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I left YouTube years ago when they changed their Privacy Policy. It is on Vimeo:

[Side story: It took about a day to make and first attempt was to upload to veoh.com. I was uploading as late as 3 in the morning but it kept failing so had to leave it as due to fly to Majorca on holiday. Veoh.com support were blaming my internet connection. Had to wait until I got back from holiday to pay for Vimeo account, no upload issues at all.]

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Oh okay. Your 40 minute video was most ideal but it's okay. So happy days.

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