Dual Monitor Support

Nothing. No error nothing. Just executed the command

Ok, this means that lightdm is not the cause.

I am sorry but my memory fails me: What Graphics card are you using?

Thanks, ok can you try in terminal

sudo apt-get install mesa-utils

Then reboot and test.

If no luck after that, I can only suggest changing the kernel to an earlier version or a much later one- and then I have run out of ideas.

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it says mesa-utils is already the newest version (8.4.0-1).

Ok, in that case, take the second VGA monitor and grab a hammer…

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Any ways Thanks for all your efforts… :v:

Aside from Possibly the Kernel being updated to 5.6 or to 5.0
I do not know what else to suggest. I am at a loss.
You can use the earlier Free Versionof Ukuu to change the kernel

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Okhayy…maybe I will do it later

I resisted posting any flippant remarks whilst you two were seriously in middle of that investigation. But that was my exact question the first time I drove a car in USA. :rofl:


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Dayyum… i was about to close this tab and I saw you “replying” for like 5 mins. I was hoping some answer…


LOL I did the same thing. I sat here and waited…
I guess we should have yielded the Right of Way.



I am really sorry to have raised your hopes. I’m not that good.

I now feel guilty keeping you both in suspense before, so have started doing some searches.
This refers to dell and nvidia graphics, but just looking for something that may trigger a spark that may lead towards an ultimate solution.
I have gone back through this thread and can see no reference to “secure boot” question. That seems to be a solution turned up here:

I don’t expect anyone on Zorin to have “secure boot” set, so probably a dead end.
Don’t know if anything elese in that dell thread may trigger any urika! result.

But refers to Ubuntu MATE 18.04.

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@zabadabadoo Appreciate your efforts…
@Aravisian Maybe this will help

Didn’t read the whole thing as i didn’t understand much

Marked solution. 4

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